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  • samuri

    Unusual one I suspect.
    We’ve been talking with a family who want to rent our house. They clearly want to rent it as they ask all the right questions and have been back a few times for measurements and things.

    We quite like them and they seem exactly the right sort of people (honest, reliable, working, mature), and they’re friends of the lady opposite who we’ve been friends with for years.

    On their last visit they said they would rent if we sorted out a few listed items which we were going to do anyway (small maintenance tasks), delay till end of August which is OK for us, and asked if we’d go 50/50 on replacing the kitchen doors, work surfaces and sink.

    Obviously we are OK with that (we were going to replace before we sell in a few years anyway) but any ideas where that leaves us legally? Can they use this as legal leverage if we wanted to get them out at the end of the term? I’m sure they’ll be fine but you never know what the future will bring.


    interesting question, can’t really help all that much I’m afraid, except to say that we’ve done it several times with various things. it’s never been a problem for us previously, but the money involved had never been more than £500 anyway, so not the end of the world.

    if you’re concerned, just ask your solicitor to specifically include something in either the tenancy agreement or a separate legal document


    You pay for it all with a card or cheque or something traceable and get cash from them with no written paper trail 😉


    Do they know that you’re planning to sell in a few years time? Seems odd that they”d be investing a reasonable sum of money without some assurance of a long let.


    Yep. They asked how long we’d let them stay and we explained that we had no plans to sell for at least two years but maybe longer depending on circumstances.

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    2 words for any situation like this

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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