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  • Premier Icon simmy

    Not really mert, a wool is a wool Need to get into Liverpool to hear linguistic distinction.

    I used to deliver around Liverpool and i genuinely couldn’t understand one customer. Went a mile or 2 and I knew what they were all saying 😀

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I was born in ‘uddersfield, have an ‘uddersfield accent.

    MrsTHtobe was born in Pontefract, she has a Highland accent…

    A fair bit of Manc from living in Simister and Prestwich on and off from ~1976 to ~1981 as a youngster, a bit of Wirral Scouse from living around Heswall from ~1985 to ~1992 as a teen, with a mild Southampton tone from being here since 1992.


    Softer yam yam. Edge of the chase but work in cannock.


    Caramel Bunny

    PS This thread exploded 🙂


    [url=]Singletrack World Bunny 1 of 31[/url] by SGMTB, on Flickr

    Boring BBC Bucks lingo

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Born in Bristol
    Lived in South Wales until 7
    Moved to Devon
    Immediately conscripted to elocution lessons
    Moved to FoD at 28
    Moved to Leeds at 30 (now 39)

    So, “Reet posh aren’t ya? Bit sweary tho” as I’ve been told, seems to be fair.

Viewing 8 posts - 161 through 168 (of 168 total)

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