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  • zeffir

    Tried just about everything for years on one, only thing that shifted it was duct tape kept on for about 2 weeks.


    Right. I have some experience here. It really depends on the length of time you’ve had them and the severity / if they cause you pain.

    Basically they are a virus that survives by living undetected. All the various forms of treatment are to annoy the body / disturb the verruca so it gets spotted by your immune system.

    So do things to improve immune system (vit C / more sleep / less stress / less booze) and pick your treatment of choice.

    I have tried many things. Duct tape spread mine badly so I don’t recommend it. Verrucas love damp and it the bit of tape moves in your sock (and it will) it can spread.

    If they are serious get yourself to a chiropodist for a proper discussion.

    I have currently just undergone needling as mine are probably too big for surgery. Not cheap at £170 but if it gets rid of them I will be a happy man. 5 weeks checkup next week can take another treatment / 6 months before they clear.

    Good luck, they are horrible things and can really impact your life if they cause pain.

    Premier Icon senor j

    When I was 8 I jumped over a three bar heater without a guard .My trailing (bare)foot , sans veruca ,landed on a bar and cauterised the veruca away. Ouch. Mammy.

    Has one for years on one of my toes – didn’t bother me but then I noticed some smaller ones on the adjacent toe.

    Had three sessions with a chiropodists as £50 a pop. Didn’t notice any real change.

    Eventually got rid of them by being a bit more persistent over a good few months using bazuka.

    File off some calloused skin (there will be bleeding), apply bazuka (there will be stinging), leave for a couple of days, remove, repeat.


    Had one on my foot. Good mate (who was a GP) recommended cutting it out. I took his advice….. He later claimed I should not:

    Have been under influence of alcohol.
    Used a kitchen knife and a pair of pliers.

    It hurt like hell and I removed too much, leaving a big patch of flesh that took ages for skin to regrow.

    Got rid of the verruca though.


    shaped charge round the ankle will do the trick, might smart a bit mind!!!


    @dt78 £170 😯

    I charge £50 for needling in my clinic! I’m clearly no businessman.

    Didn’t read the other posts prob already mentioned but:
    Duct tape does work, as does salicylic acid. In both cases, you get rid of the dead skin with a pumice stone, then apply fresh duct tape or a coating of the acid. Repeated daily, will take several months. There’s no fast solution really, and if you scrub too hard and bleed, you are back to square 1. Verrucae are caused by the HPV virus.


    @ carlphillips both feet including nerve blocks and follow up consultations? Where are you base? email in profile…


    ankle blocks unnecessary and overkill ime( depends on VP site of course) local infiltration at VP site is quicker uses way less LA and less traumatic for you, if you have had it done then no worries, just wait it out we have a very good success rate with needling, and I hope you do too. if you have any questions you can email me.

    @star fangled nutter, don’t worry about bleeding, it bound to happen and certainly won’t affect any outcomes in a negative way.


    I had dozens spread over the bottom of both feet when I was about 8 or 9. My dad went to work over the course of a few evenings with a scalpel and tweezers, dug what roots out he could find and within a week or so every single one of them had disappeared. Hurt like hell as I can remember but well worth it, haven’t had any now for 20 yrs or so.


    verrucas don’t have roots BTW


    Keeping them air tigh is apparently good , would explain ducktape success .


    allthepies, after looking it up I see you are correct.

    My dad believed them to be roots and to be honest I never questioned it but the black bits appear to be the bleeding inside of the verucca. Always knew the old man was full of **** 😆

    Anyway, digging the b*****ds out still worked a treat.


    I know you need the virus to actually have them appear but I reckon it’s stress that gives them life, so to speak.

    Stress can weaken the immune system, hence viral infection.


    I got rid of a wart on my finger with hydrochloic acid when I was a chemistry student.

    Was quite pleased it seemed to die pretty quickly. But then the whole section of skin just seemed to die too. It was pretty small only like a 2mm circle but it went pretty much all the way down to the bone.

    It wasnt that painful but the cold couldnt half get in there.

    Now I just have this white lump there.

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