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  • sobriety

    Snapped a 9 month old commuter frame at the seat/top tube, company wouldn't warranty as I 'had too much seatpost showing'. Grrrr…


    Car hit me and dented my lovely 2002 Explosif 🙁

    I know not a failure but still a sad pic.


    badly (more than 30 degrees) bent countless cheapy seatposts
    badly bent Ti handlebar
    bent several good seatposts eg Thomson (just a couple of degrees)
    Snapped seat tube on GT alu road bike
    Snapped rear dropout on steel Kona
    cracked/snapped Cinelli Integralter one piece road bar/stem (luckily just as I was stopping)
    Snapped crank on road bike (the day after racing a crit… eek!)
    Cracked XT chainset
    Snapped dropout on alu road frame
    Snapped Race face Turbine crank
    Snapped Race face Turbine crank again!
    cracked Scott G-Zero mtb frame
    Snapped Rocky Mountain element at rear dropout
    Bought dodgy Giant NRS on here which was already cracked… GRRRR…


    i've snapped 3 transition presons, bent (*fairly* seriously) a specialised p3, and bent a raleigh max (woo)

    yeah, alu's not ftw


    neither's steel IME…

    nor Ti

    nor Carbon

    In fact, anyone who seriously thinks that one material is perfect and never breaks/fails/etc is an idiot.

    snapped two USE alien seatposts, I declined the warranty offer of a third one.


    You realise you guys are basically ruining your chances of selling anything on the classifieds again? "One seatpost for sale, NB I do have form in bending seatposts beyond 30deg" 😉


    I've snapped the cranks of the bike machines at my local gym three times.


    Or alternatively, "one seatpost for sale that I haven't managed to bend so it must be pretty awesome…"

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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