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  • Premier Icon Drac

    I've snapped a spoke.


    Ive snapped:

    Giant XTC Alu at the bottom bracket.
    Club Roost XC-4 at the head tube and both swing arms in CYB (yes this bike was made of cheese)
    Sepcialised Stumpjumper HT on the downtube.

    I weigh 80kg so not a lardy git, but tend to ride a bit harder than the frames suggested…

    I've also snapped a RM Switch, but that was more to do with the large rocks and me fluffing a line.

    Everything breaks if you hit it hard enough


    I've had an Apollo stuck behind the hedge for a good 15 years. One of the seatstays has rusted through!


    I've cracked a Ti frame

    I've bent/snapped 3 steel ones

    I've bent 2 sets of cro-mo forks


    I've never managed to damage a Ti frame, mainly because i've never had one.
    Bent and cracked steel and alu frames over the years.


    My dads litespeed vela


    cracked my Kenisis maxlight xc-pro on the downtube

    bent a set of steel forks years and years ago, my bad driving.



    Just for a bit of balance like.

    I've broken one steel frame (snapped at tup tube and down tube when JRA! -Prestige and a warranty job) and bent steel mtb and road forks (over the bars stories) and stanchions on Mag21s

    I've cracked a ti frame.

    Don't think i've ever bent any aluminium stuff though. It clearly must be the best material ever!


    My first mountain bike, Muddy Fox Courier, driveside chainstay broke at the dropout.

    Took it down to Roy Garner's garage in Ambleside, they welded it back together, good as new!

    Those were the days 🙂


    my ex girlfriend was violently raped while on holiday in greece.
    that was a bit of a nighmare.

    although thinking about it, i had a carbon roadbike at the time, so perhaps it was all linked.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Bent and snapped an Inbred. snapped a few bars. Drop out on my Thors developed a huge crack along the top…That's it.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    snapped a purple anodized crank landing a wicked sick bunny hop off a speed bump. Bit of stink bridge bruising, but I guess I was lucky with the plums.


    Al, I've got a pic somewhere of you with those trashed forks somewhere near Schiehallion.

    I snapped my '88 Stumpjumper Comp frame on the downtube. I was well chuffed because Kevin Dangerous did the same. I must have been riding as hard as he did. Specialized replaced it.

    I broke the original bullmoose bars fitted to my '85 Rockhopper, I saw it as prime time to upgrade to Nittos

    Edit, found it

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Cracked an Airbourne Thunderbolt road bike (alu one) at seatstay/seatpost junction. Was replaced under warranty, the replacement frame had a shockingly bad laquer job so I moaned and they swapped it for a Ti frame.

    Cracked an orange c16r and an orange o2 in the late 90's, one steel one alu. Both went at the crud catcher mounts on the downtube. Think the failure had little to do with the material and all to do with putting holes in the downtube! Orange were great thou and replaced both frames on warranty.

    Oh and I bent a set of manitou x verts crashing into the back of a double.

    And this century I cracked the rocker plates on a cove g spot!!

    don simon

    I managed to crack the head tube and damage the front wheel of my alu road bike by getting it caught in a drain. It threw me about 5 metres down the road and mashed my body up pretty well too.

    I think I should stick to my carbon mtb.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I bent a set of steel cromo bars on my old Carrera, broke my hand in 2 places and dislocated the thumb (OW OW) and also got a total bollocking off my mum :mrgreen:


    Snapped the chainstay on me kona unit the other day….


    But did you snap your banjo string?


    I've broken two Ti frames, two Al frames, RF Turbine cranks, the faceplate of an Al stem, and the steel bolt of a carbon seatpost.

    Never a Surly, and never any other steel frame. I wonder why all but one of my bikes are now steel…

    rusty trowel

    Snapped 2 Easton seatpost bolts (the ones at the top holding the seat on) resulting in nasty falls/ pain.

    Bent cromo bmx bars and dropouts and forks.

    Bent a Mercian (steel) touring bike 🙁


    But did you snap your banjo string?

    yep done that. 😥


    Mate's Charge Duster after a slightly misjudged attempt at getting around a corner that had a tree on the outside. Looks like he's replacing the frame with a Ragley so every cloud has a silver lining I suppose (he wanted something slacker).


    Bent a pair of cro mo forks I'm the late eighties and I think that's about it for frame or fork breakages.


    Awesome pic Pete. Think it was the Kenmore loop tho.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    For your personal interest Al, I've snapped an old-shape Heckler across the bottom of the down tube… 😈


    Snapped my 2002 marin attack trail in 2 places – the weld around the bb shell and the top tube folded just in front of the seat tube, the only thing holding it together was the shock! Worst thing though was that i actually did this dropping a good 6 inches off a kerb, that actually happened, not just for warranty purposes, the shop didn't believe me but sent it off to ATB anyway. Luckily my 5 year frame warranty still had 6 months to run and the replacement frame swiftly sold on!I now check my frames much more closely for cracks as i'm guessing it cracked well before totally letting go.
    Also twisted some lowers on some 170mm triple clamp junior t's – they were QR so can't think why they gave up the ghost on my dh bike.
    Cracked a pedal too – wellgo v12 copy's, recommended them to my mate, he bought them, first ride out i cracked mine and retracted my recommendation lol.


    bent several rigid forks, steerer on some marz dirt jumpers, bmx handlebars, haven't done a frame yet though.

    Premier Icon MisterT

    ripped the shock pivot mountings out of a Whyte E5 frame (alloy). – long walk home.

    snapped through both chainstays of an alloy Kinesis Tk road frame.

    and I'm only 12.5 stone… but all power 😈


    Snapped my tricycle down tube when I was a kid with my sister standing on the back axle.

    She told me to go up a kerb, I didn't lift high enough and ran straight into it. Frame snapped at the head tube. My mum chinned me, my sister lied and got away with it.

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    ooooh, let's see now.

    I've snapped an aluminium Easton Ea30 handlebar.The bolt holding my saddle to an Easton Ea70 seatpost snapped on three different occassions, which hurt, each time. I've also snapped an aluminium Ea50 seatpost clean through, about an inch above the clamp. Thankfully, I was saved serious injury through a combination of jedi skills and the Force. My most recent and expensive aluminium failure has to be my old Orange Five frame. Cracked at the seat tube / top tube junction. 😥



    Wow! Never snapped a frame, just components – cranks, spokes, etc. Must try harder…

    Snapped a few skateboards and surfboards though.


    I broke a couple of spokes once by getting my foot caught in the front wheel before landing.

    Premier Icon verses

    Riding along a incredibly un-gnarly bit of flat single-track, there was a loud bang and all of a sudden the top of my seat-tube was no longer attached to the (alu) frame!


    Nico74 – A guy I know did that while bunny-hopping a cattle grid.

    I wasn't there but apparently it was a bit messy.

    Verses – Rig? IIRC one or two years had a rep for snapping there, the seat tube was butted internally above the weld.


    Cracked an Airborne Lancaster and a Marin Mount Vision

    Premier Icon verses

    It was an '05 Hoo Koo E Koo. My mate had a Rig from that year which went in exactly the same place. We both got new frames under warranty though so not all bad 🙂


    Yoikes. A few 'straw that broke the camels back' stories there.

    I slightly bent a seatpost once 😳

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