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  • tell me somthing you know now, that you wish you'd know 20 years ago . . . . .
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    Have a good look at your girlfriends mother and decide if you would be happy living with somebody like that in 20years time. If the answer is no, then no matter how much you think you love your girlfriend, follow your instinct and run for the hills!

    how much i would miss my parents.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    girls really dont fancy eggheads at school 🙂


    Hmm at the age that I would have been then I reckon that knowing how to count or say the alphabet would have been pretty good for my age!


    That my wife would find out……
    and that it would be my best mate who'd tell her. The bastard.

    Premier Icon mikejd

    Leaving a job after 13 years in a final salary pension scheme, don't transfer the money into a personal pension scheme.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    That sometimes it's better to just shut the **** up. And I still haven't quite grasped the concept completely :-/


    old people don't die if you swear at them!


    not making a decision can just as likely turn out bad.
    just make a bad decision.


    Don't trust your dad, he's a drunk and he'll **** you up.

    Knowing what I wanted to do career wise as I wouldn't be back at school now at 37 with a class full of 17 to 19 year old who can't be arsed to learn.


    Sadly what Sinatra said I though it was a lie but unfortunately not.

    In life you regret most the things you did not do when you had a chance rather than things you did do.


    I miss my dad, I think he would have been pleased how I turned out. Would love the chance to talk through all the family crap and see what he thought.

    Wish I had learnt what buttons to have pressed with Kate Taylor, only figured it out after and was to inexperienced and shy at the time. She was beautiful and complex.

    Don't arrange a Big Bike Bash during the resession. Even if you do get £12K in sponsorship you still won't have sold all 500 tickets with just 4 weeks to go.


    that marriage aint the "be all & end all"

    junkyard – never too late to do things in life.. different outcome perhaps


    Play dumb when you're chatting up girls of the type who regularly engage in one night stands. They're not after a clever bloke.


    pretty much everything i know now,

    more to the point i wish i HADN'T heard all the BS peddled to me about so much of the so called important stuff. i reckon my school was the worst for force feeding the 'university or death' line.

    I'm happier now than i've eve been, but i regret the 10 years or so that i should have been happy, but instead fussed over job/girl/house etc. that i though would make me happy.


    That rash wouldn't just go away all by itself

    Gavinski…did we go to the same school?!?!?! ;o)


    I was five. I knew everything.


    It is really worthwhile studying for exams, but very easy to get out of the habit of studying. If I'd actually worked at GCSEs and A levels, maybe I wouldn't have done a shitty degree, or maybe I would have got a better grade degree.

    But then if I had done better, I would not be where I am today, and may not have met my fiancee. Gah! too much to think about.


    The national lottery numbers for 10 years worth of draws. I'd be proper minted by now. 😀


    Nothing really. I enjoyed the ride.

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