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  • Tell me how to sort a light in the man shed question
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    Im sure this is simple but ill ask anyway

    In the “Man shed” i want to add another light, theres 1 already off a switch, fed by twin and earth which is just a ceiling rose. I want to add another at the other end of the shed

    How do i extend off the existing light to create another that switches on an off together?

    Looked online but the schematics that the pros generate just confuse me..

    Whos dunnit..

    Cheers in advance

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    Just extend the wires like for like colour wise into another rose.

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    Assuming it’s wired with only one set of cables in the rose….
    Switch power off at breaker

    Confirm light is off

    Open ceiling rose.

    Take new wire. Connect the earth to earth the blue to blue (or black) the brown to brown(or red)

    At the new rose blue to N brown to L and earth to the three lines

    . Use earth sheath on the bare earth wire

    Breaker on and test.

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