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  • Tell me about……riding in North West Scotland
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    Let us know when you are coming and me and jojowill show you around.



    Nothing to see.

    It’s all very flat and uninteresting.

    It’s either dark/cold/windy/wet (usually all of the above) or infested by midges and ticks.

    what druidh said

    Just wow. by mrmichaelwright, on Flickr

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    Assynt is my favourite part of the world. Not sure about the biking but there are obviuosly loads of footpaths, but when its wet it can be really boggy. Oh and the Lochinver Larder sells the best pies in the world, ever.

    I have wanted to visit NW Scotland for a very long time and am definitely going to make it up there soon.

    So what good riding is there? Anything in particular I should look out for?

    Currently I am not tied to a particular destination, but I’d like to be somewhere near the coast if possible.

    Cheers Hairyscary that would be great 😀

    Great piccys mmw!

    bigjim – that looks like the kind of place I was thinking of – proper isolated. Although I think I’d want a route guide rather than wandering in the unknown wilderness.

    There are some good paths between Kylesku and Achfary, which offer some great decending and views, although they’re not technically singletrack (more like estate quad track).

    There’s a mini-epic from Poolewe that takes you through the Fisherfield hills on almost entirely good paths, you would want to allow at least two days, and be pretty self sufficient (I might be exaggerating, it could possibly be done in a day).

    I put up a couple of threads about the area with some pictures (there’s a link at the top of the post to older threads with more pictures)

    Blowing my own trumpet

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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