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  • Tell Me About…MR11 LED Options
  • Tim

    Hey all

    Have a set of old cateye lights going spare – they use a 6V MR11 Halogen system and the clunky original batterys are dead

    The lamp units themselves are nicely made and the mounts are good…so…

    I want to upgrade them to LED and make up a lighter, better battery pack for them.

    What are the LED options for this? – want as pokey as i can get it and is there a good place to buy from – i’ll also need battery bits and a charger.

    Thanks all!


    Cutter triple / quad kits are the best. Are the bodies alloy or plastic> With plastic bodies you might run into heat issues. Single leds can be made to fit but ists a question of mounting them all up

    IMO not worth just using the light bodies – more hassle than its worth


    Metal bodies

    Aye, the bodies might not be worth it, but i wondered what was available as a direct, or at least minimal fuss replacement for the existing halogen bulbs

    The cutter kits then – more or less drop in – a bit of soldering needed and yo need to mount the circuit board – make sure the PCB the LED is on is tight on the alloy shell to get rid of the heat

    Have a look on here

    Halfway down the page – MR11 kits. Boost kit to use with batteries less than 10 V – buck kit for more than 12.5 V


    I’ll use 12v as the original batterys are ruined anyway.

    Cool, thanks for that link – will speak to my tame electronics engineer 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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