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  • tell me about your ‘pushed’ experiences
  • I’ve just booked my rp23 shock into tftuned to have it pushed + service as i’ve been loosing pressure recently and it needs a service.

    Read loads of reviews about how good it is. wondered who has had it done here


    Had a Rocco RC coil shock (on a 2006 S works Enduro) PUSHed a while ago, and it was really good. The main difference was that you could not tell the rear suspension was there after it was done. It just worked. No bob, no squatting, just a lovelly smooth ride and loads of grip. Before it was squatting and bobbing a bit while pedalling.

    Running a Pushed Van R on my Cannondale Gemini, I know a lot of people on here hate the term ‘plush’ but it is the definition of plush, velvety smooth in fact…


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    Had some F100 forks done,that needed a service anyway. Used on an SS I now have a switch-onable platform and IMHO they do actually feel plusher at the same time as not diving quite so dramatically…


    why can’t the manufacturers not just make them this way in the first place?

    because they tune them specifically to your weight/style of riding


    isn’t that what springs or air pressure is for.

    Pushed fork

    TF tuned faq

    As with any mass-produced products there’s always room for improvement by use of better components and more customer-specific set-up. Apart from the high quality of all PUSH components, the function of the PUSH Factory Tuning System has a smoother transition from the ‘Platform’ to the bump absorption mode giving a lighter, more speed-sensitive, less indexed feel.

    The platform is also varied to suit specific bike designs & rider weight/style unlike the off-the-shelf Pro-Pedal. Finally, unlike the Pro-Pedal system, the low-speed rebound circuit can be changed to match individual needs without affecting the high-speed circuit. This allows increased low-speed rebound damping rates, which aids in controlling excessive movement, while at the same time allowing the shock to respond more quickly in high-speed situations.

    mtbr pushed shock reviews

    Old Vanilla R shock on my Giant Reign and a newer Vanilla R on my 2007 Commencal.

    Both amazing and really want my RP23 done now. However saying that I have also had some Boxxer’s and Pikes serviced and adjusted by TF but not ‘Push’ tuned and they were also so much better afterwards.

    I was talking to a guy at a race who had the same Boxxers Teams as me, he was on his second pair as he wasn’t happy with the way they performed. Mine were TF tuned straight away and I never rode them standard. Just doing the standard car park up and down test you could notice the ‘plush’ness of mine over his!!

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