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    Surprised there’s not more construction people here as a lot of the guys a work (and ride) with are in the industry.

    tenfoot – Member

    I enjoy it sometimes (been involved in some great projects), but generally it’s a bit dull. It really depends on the team I’m working with at the time.

    Pays fairly well…… one in the construction industry wants to do the job.

    Similar here. Except they found I was
    a) a bossy git so good at getting teams to do what they should
    b) full of bs so good at ‘selling’ to clients/consultants

    so now they call me ‘preconstruction manager’. Still get to look at some interesting projects, and tell consultants how they could do it better whilst dressing it up as ‘collaborative working’. Just moved from a major national to upcoming regional contractor and really enjoying it. Actively working back down the chain of command so I get home at a sensible time and don’t have to make people redundant any more 😀 And yes the pays comparatively good because no-one else wants to do it!

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    engineering geek – measurement/reverse engineering.

    actually yes, most of the time.

    less than average.

    would i recommend it? – no, anyone thinking of a career in engineering is a ****ing idiot.


    I have 2 full time jobs.
    I’m a Dog catcher, we also have a kennels and cattery.
    The dog catching part is quite exciting sometimes but walking dogs for hours every day and cleaning up after dogs is pretty dull, I love the cat part of my work, cats are cool.
    Neither job pays amazing but two wages means I’m comfortable.

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    Head of underwriting for Europe and the Middle East for a big American private health insurer. We do group healthcare plans for expats. So for example if a big bank wants to send thousands of employees to work overseas, they come to us and buy health, life, disabilty etc insurance for them. My job is to decide how much we charge for that, or more specifically my team decide how much then I approve it or say no. Insanely complex job, lots of stress, particularly right now, and despite being paid very well I reckon I’m underpaid by a fair amount. That being said I have a great team and some great colleagues and the company is very good to work for.


    el Gato Negro – Member
    Mattbee -I worked on the spinnaker tower when it was being built.

    Chances are you worked for me then………..

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    What, no CFH to explain his paper clip international sales job?


    Rope access people you may know a mate of mine, Richard Lyon.

    Rope access people you may know a mate of mine, Richard Lyon.

    He’s the mane man…really takes pride in his work.


    Currently a tech op in a tv studio but in about a month I’ll start a full time video editor job at the same place. Very excited as it’s something I’ve wanted to do since uni! Great way to get Avid experience which is hard to come by. Very very good pay for how easy the job is (I’m on a £10k pay rise from my current role!), and the hours aren’t too bad, working every other weekend.

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    Shifter… yes you’re correct about the 90 day rule. I pay no tax as my company pays it for me. I got both a payrise in my actual wage and my employer taking on my tax liability when I left the North Sea behind…so on top of the payrise I get to keep (most of) what I used to pay in income tax. I still pay NI. The taxman still gets what I should pay in income tax, and so do I. Everyone’s a winner! 🙂


    Brand Manager and Buyer

    It’s fun.

    I can pay my mortgage, have a couple of holidays a year and have a small cheap japanese car. I want for nothing and my health is generally sound.


    I experiment on human beings.
    It is a privilege.
    It pays well enough to keep me in bikes.


    IT business intelligence Consulting

    (building databases, reports, a bit of project management and trying generally to get rid of the excel hell that runs most businesses!)

    I enjoy it but have had a quiet couple of months that have been pretty dull

    Paid pretty well tbh, although I could earn more by going contracting or moving firm im sure!

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    I inspect the bits that make up a gas turbine and make sure that when they are put back together they actually make a gas turbine.

    The inspection part is very dull, the making sure it goes back together is less dull. Does the fact that I’m good at it make me dull 🙁

    Money. I work in Aberdeen so get paid more than I should and could probably chase more if I really wanted to.


    Marge – Member
    Engineering Manager for a tyre manufacturer….Job is pretty interesting though travel & working hours requirements would better suit someone without a family. 

    So you’re the one to ask next in a “what tyre for. …” thread then. 😀


    Senior Examinations Administrator / Centre Examinations Officer.

    Nothing interesting to see here folks.


    Smogmonster – that’s a very good arrangement!

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