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  • Premier Icon footflaps

    If I told you I’d have to kill you….

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Not much


    Shit loads.


    It pays my way and it corrodes my soul.


    invent stuff, enjoy it immensely, paid enough to make hmrc smile… gits


    Today i have been talking to headteachers and business managers of Academies about children who want to move schools.

    And eating chocolate cake.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m basically a degree salesman 🙄 Pays alright, and when it’s good it’s absolutely brilliant, when it’s not it’s just incredibly dull. Today was a good day though. It’s good to spend your days with top human beings.

    Used to work for a bank, and looking back I have absolutely no idea why.


    Lots of different things
    Not especially
    Nowhere near as much as I ought to be


    I get up about 5.30 already at my workplace and get screamed at and provoked and subjected to extreme noise from that moment..
    I am in charge of two employees that are lower than me in the hierarchy, one does not understand my language, neither are interested in obeying my instructions, both take great pleasure in winding me up to the very limit of my tolerance at any opportunity, and will think nothing of following along behind me undoing any work that I have just done..
    They can both be abusive, violent and think nothing of screaming at me to my face many many times each day..
    This is considered normal and my two underlings are above reproach in the eyes of my boss..

    While I am trying to keep these two wallys in order I have to complete any number of menial tasks all day every day, such as cleaning, cooking and shopping plus running any other errands the boss needs doing

    My shift usually lasts about 14 hours, I have no breaks and am on-call 24/7, often with many other tasks taken on outside of my usual hours, frequently until late at night, and regularly I will also be woken in the night to deal with issues that have arisen..
    My boss believes that I should consider myself grateful for this employment and other than providing meals and board I get paid the grand total of naff all…

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Part time in an Outdoors shop.

    Not really, but it’s nice chatting to customers.

    Minimum wage.


    This is me
    Along with 5 shops.
    I love it, pays what I need.
    Can’t believe how well we do with the online side


    Run my own business doing what i love, make enough to be comfortable, im very lucky 🙂


    Talk about colours. All day long.
    When there aren’t any customers.
    More than i need.

    Premier Icon unknown

    I’m meant to be in HR. Since moving to a new company 3 months ago I do literally nothing. At all. All day nothing. As a consequence I hate it and will be moving on ASAP. I am better than average paid, but less well paid than my peers.

    I rehabilitate high risk offenders in the community.

    I love it, never a dull moment.

    Pays Ok, but pay isn’t everything.


    let me guess yunki the boss reckons as you didn’t produce the two employees ( 9months training) you have it easy!!


    I fix trucks and armoured vehicles teach others to fix them and occasionaly guide and teach mtb riding. The pay is reasonably good cant complain. The trade off is i occasionaly get shot at and can be away from home for long periods. When all is said and done i rather enjoy it .


    Auxiliary nurse, emergency surgical admissions.

    When it’s good, it’s amazing. When it’s bad, it’s seriously grim.

    Less than £10 per hour.

    Prison Officer…

    Although it won’t get another mention.


    I’m an apprentice:

    I’m currently learning how to fix double decker buses and coaches.

    Most of the time I spend doing services (pouring out 20 litres of engine oil and another 15 litres of gearbox oil and refilling – on old J reg Scania’s)

    I get paid jack

    I enjoy it, also people at work are sorted.


    got it in one marcus7

    Premier Icon cobrakai

    Parkesie, vmb or a? I was a VE until some bright spineless tiffy wrote a paper saying we weren’t needed. Went tech for the quals then left. On the plus side I now control a big chunk of airspace over England. Pays a LOT better, don’t go away for 6 months, get to wear a hoodie and trainers to work and still get the same amount if annual leave

    Downside? Still live within spitting distance of Bordon.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    In answer to the OP’s questions.

    Not really unless there is something different happening.
    Enough to stop me going elsewhere.


    I advise companies how much to pay their employees, plus the design of structures and processes that surround remuneration.

    I enjoy the work, but not the workload.

    I could do with earning more.

    Premier Icon stu170

    Raf aircraft techie
    Love it
    Pay aint great when the civvie world get paid double what we do


    I’m an ecommerce user experience developer. I persuade drunk people to buy things they don’t need.

    Quite enjoy it, yeah.

    I get paid enough though probably could earn more elsewhere.


    Most of the time

    A decent wage.

    I work in the control room.
    Really enjoy it, but don’t get paid very much.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Scottish secondary ‘techie’ teacher.

    Love it, though the resources/accommodation which we have at my school make it increasingly harder!

    More than I’ve been paid before I entered teaching, been at top of the scale for a couple of years now.

    I get paid peanuts.

    Is that legal tender…if so are there minimum wage peanuts?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I teach teachers and support teachers to get outside with their classes.
    I lead a new project about play in secondary schools, and will be building all sorts (pump tracks, parcour, shelters etc) in three secondary schools in 2015 and another to bring ‘Tinkering School’ to Scotland.
    I do a load of the simple IT and social media stuff.
    Yes, I like it.
    I get paid less than most of the teachers I work with. 🙁

    RGN (Orthopaedics)
    Its better than working behind a desk. It can be enjoyable and rewarding. It does however become quite stressful. It hurts my knees and back. It sometimes stinks.
    It pays alright, although i would rather be in the Army as the pays better.


    I work at a steel/titanium extrusion, Machine operator on a hot stretcher that was here when my Grandad worked here! Our press is about 60 years old ha.

    I enjoy what I do but it’s less enjoyable when working with certain people who should’ve been sacked a long time ago/never set on full time.

    We’ve just been taken over by a company called RTI International Metals.

    Hoping I get my wage rise I was promised last year, fingers crossed!


    web designer for myself

    a lot of the time yes

    comfortable but no aston martin

    I work in a plumbers merchant. It’s my job to get moaned at by customers when stuff doesn’t turn up/doesn’t fit/is broken. I also spend a lot of time putting stuff right that should never go wrong as it’s bloody childs play, because I have some idiots under me who walk around on autopilot waiting for the clock to tick round to 5pm so it’s a common occurrence.

    I enjoy it mostly, when it all goes well.

    Pay is okay but it could be better (as always)


    I take pictures of shiny things, set builds, famous people, posh bikes and anything else I get asked to. I don’t do weddings/pets/kids or deal with the general public (thank god)
    Love it, it’s not really like work as it’s just what I do and not some kind of burden that means your week starts at 9am Monday morning and your boss has to approve your holiday dates.
    I’m in the tax bracket that makes me wince.


    Vmb fortunately know my way around electrics which are regarded as witch craft by most vm’s
    Im trying to find reasons not to go tiffy so i can avoid bordon.
    Howd you get into air traffic cobrakai?

    Premier Icon stu170

    Love how people make their mundane middle management jobs sound amazing.


    I could never imagine myself working in an office, I’m fat enough as it is.


    Work for a supermarket, line or dept manager work stupid shifts get grief, under paid overworked but great pension eventually!

    I used to have one of those jobs that folks said “oooh that must be interesting”

    Now i just go to this little white painted building

    its very interesting waaaaay more than the “”oooh that must be interesting”other job

    I dont actually get paid any money my missus supports me

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