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  • Tell me about – waterproof all mountain ladies jackets
  • Pace 3×3, they do a special womens version (different logo!) available from the Pace website.

    I’m in the market for a new, decent, waterproof. I want something good quality, dependable, and that will be suitable for even the harshest of UK winter weather on a big ride.

    Any suggestions? 🙂


    Second vote here for the Pace jacket – I’ve had one for a couple of years now and it is a good, long lasting, piece of kit. It is a waterproof and windproof shell rather than a warm jacket but there is plenty of room in the sleeves etc to be able to fit my warm but not waterproof Pearl Izumi jacket underneath.

    So eVent rather than Gortex then?

    Hmm, I was verging toward Gortex because I’ll only wear it when it’s really needed (I.e. the water/windproofness is prolly more important for me on the top of a mountain than breathability)

    The 3×3 seems to get constant good reviews though, so that’s good 🙂

    For British winter weather I don’t think Paramo can be beaten – this would be a good variety: Velez Adventure Light

    They actually breathe properly in our damp climes – GoreTex, Event et al really need low humidity conditions to drive vapour through the membrane.

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    The Pace is good at its price but depends on how harsh a winter you want to ride in. No hood and lack of ability to draw in the neck could be an issue. Cycle specific cut is a good thing as there is less material to flap around.

    Paramo has the advantages it can be washed and re-proofed endlessly. I’ve got a set of salopettes that are still as good as they were 15years ago. Really good venting but because of the way its constructed but very warm to wear because of the way its constructed.

    eVent vs Goretex – goretext works by sweat condensing on the membrane and then passing through as water droplets. eVent allows vapour to go straight through. From what I remember paclite goretex is more breathable than eVent but much less durable.

    Personally I use a Montane Superfly jacket made from eVent, more multi activity than bike specific. Upside is bombproof construction and extremely breathable with hoods and pockets to stuff stuff in, downside is its not streamline so you do notice the wind. I kind of went for the if you are going to be out in the hills in winter you want a jacket thats good for being stuck not just riding. You could build on the pace by carrying a buff and atleast a beanie although water proof cap might be better.

    There is a jacket review in this months Trail magazine covering multi activity jackets. Have a look at the stuff made by Montane and Rab. Not sure how good the new Endura stuff is since the moved from eVent. Its still a ptfe membrane but not seen anything about it.

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    I’ve used a Gore Paclite for donkey’s years in all sorts of conditions. It has kept me dry but having wiped out a few times, it tears and that means sending away and paying for repairs.

    I now only wear it for heavy rain, preferring my Gore Windstopper gilet or a Gore Windstopper softshell.

    Paclite is an obviously extremely light shell but not durable and always gets packed in my rucksack.

    Assuming you are using waterproof shorts/trousers?

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    Edit: reduced Gore jacket here:

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    Cinonamon_girl is right about paclite. I went with eVent to get the balance of cost, waterproof, breathable and crash proof. Goretex proshell is more durable but costs mores and breathes less than paclite and eVent. If you do hole your jacket Tundra in Sunderland / Washington area are a good bet for fixing stuff.

    Windproof / softshell under waterproof isnt really a good combination you’ll just boil in the bag. This is where paramo scores, so long as you dont run too hot. Its windproof, waterproof and insulation in one. Paired with a merino base layer and it’d be good Autumn to Spring but its probably too warm for summer use. They dont exactly pack down small either.

    Thanks all 🙂

    I think I’m gonna look into all the options, but at the moment I am still swaying toward a decent Gortex to replace my old one (which I seriously mistreated in the washing machine a few times too many!)

    I don’t have waterproof shorts/trousers as I only seem to struggle with the cold if I get my core wet. Until this year I used a Mountain Equipment 3 layer Gortex for the winter stuff. I like having a decent coat I can put on when I need it (I.e. in proper wet and cold weather, long descents, after a crash/breakdown or when stopping for lunch) rather than needing something to wear all the time.

    It’ll really only be used for the big ‘out there’ rides. A hood is pretty important too, especially if it fits over my XC helmet.

    I’m actually thinking about this one, as it is similar to the one I have now (and I know it fits well, even over armour, and my XC helmet fits under the hood) but the price tag is a bit blummin extreme. 😯


    I bought a Paramo Quito jacket made from the same stuff as the smock linked to above and it’s wet weather performance is incredible, seriously good and the Quito is very, very well vented as the Paramo system is a bit hotter than the traditional shells. However not sure I’d recommend it for MTBing as

    a/ It way too nice.

    b/ It’s probably a bit fragile for MTBing definitely don’t fancy using it in my usual woodland riding, it’s prolly ok on desolate moors though and great for road riding. If the outer fabric does get ripped you can just stitch it together with no loss of performance.

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    wife finally bit the bullit and bought a (much reduced) Gore from Gearforgirls..( )
    It really looks great, it fits, is warm (not hot) and dry..and has encouraged her to come out with me more often
    and it’s a nice colour!


    Got a paramo quito jacket aswell for the winter months.Only used used it for walking the dog up to now( well I was until I broke my ankle :evil:).Very impressed with it so far.Also got an fuera peak windproof.Light,packs away small into the backpack and if you wash it in tx direct it becomes a jacket that will stand a heavy shower.A lot of the paramo stuff is available in womans cuts aswell.

    I’m getting more and more tempted by Paramo…anyone got anything bad to say about it?

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    Paramo is definitely a bit Marmite – you’ll love it or you’ll hate it.

    I’ve just got myself a Rab Drillium. Top-quality eVent jacket and it has a bike-friendly cut. Pretty good so far, but obviously when I splashed out on a posh new jacket for the last few weeks of the season, September turned out to be glorious so I haven’t made full use of it yet! There’s a women’s version available too.

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    Bad things about Paramo

    some find it hot, so colder weather wear, it’s like a micro fleece and a shell for warmth, that makes it heavy compared to a shell, the light weight Paramo is far better than the standard for being lighter and cooler.

    Out waking, climbing ect I always wear Paramo below 12 deg’ because I sweat like Paverotti in a sauna! above that or on a bike then a lightweight event for emergency wear or a real hosing!

    But I like it

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