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  • eyerideit

    Is it any good to take Mrs Eye for a tentative pootle about?

    She has a bike but needs fitness and more importantly confidence.

    She’ll also want to bring the spaniel for tips on how to take lines and for trail hound training. (if either of them poo on the tail I’ll pick it up). 😮

    If it’s not a good idea where around London is good for not getting in the way and learning the ropes?

    Thanks in advance


    Swinley’s a great place for a beginner. There are plenty of fire roads for riding around on to start with, and a lot of very simple singletrack particularly on the lower elevation areas.


    Swinley would be perfect, nothing too steep, I would avoid the labyrinth though, quite techy and narrow in places.


    Just as described, fast delivery, many thanks!

    Perfect. But it does get busy at weekends, which might not be ideal.


    Swinley is a cracking place for taking the mrs I took and still take my mrs there to teach her single track and help her with her fitness. It does get busy there but if you head over to the crowthorne side you’ll see less people and there is plenty of stuff to use but tbh most people are pretty good with only the odd idiot


    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    She needs to be jedi’d then go to Swinley to practice. As mentioned above, it does get very busy so a Saturday may possibly be better.

    Premier Icon jonostevens

    I’ve taken my other half there – she’s pretty fit but not the most confident and was fine over there.

    She did do the Labyrinth though, which I’m not sure she enjoyed that much!

    Thetford’s a good place too, if you want to teach the wife singletrack without anything techy to throw her.


    Jedi is on the books but I think she needs a bit of practice on the bike, just to get a feel for it and so I can set it up properly for her. Also won’t Jedi be wasted if you’re not fit at all?

    We’re going to book a Jedi session together, as I need all the help I can get as well.


    Definitely recommend Crowthorne woods. Much less crowded than the usual haunts, not too many hills. Some nice singletrack to practice on, some excellent technical tracks and the bomb crater to break one’s collarbone. 😳 We teach kids to ride off road, and it is an excellent place to learn. Think roots not rocks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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