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  • Friend in New Zealand says we should get Skype Phone to get cheap calls to them. How does it differ from normal free Skype where, in my experience, you get poor sound quality, laggy pictures and have to sit in front of a laptop shouting.

    Do you need any special equipment?

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    android, iOS and Windows Phone all have Skype apps so you can pretty much use it like a normal phone if you don’t want to see the person you are talking to and even then if your phone has a forward facing camera you can video call as well.

    On a good data connection you will be fine. Mrs Danny talks to her brother in Australia all the time on it

    Might have to treat MrsWCA to a new phone and let her Skype away

    Any ideas where to get the cheapest handset only deal for a phone that can skype?


    Any android phone and then install the Skype app.

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    Or better still the Nokia Lumia 520 and Skype integrates very nicely (Skype now owned by Microsoft).

    Big advantage of Lumia 520 / WinPho 8 combo against a cheap android phone is that it runs very quickly and very smoothly.

    Can’t add anything to that, appart from we had a BT VOIP (voice over IP, those ones that come with the home hubs if you get them as a bundle) phone at uni for calling abroad (brazilian and NZ housemates), worked out to be cheeper than Skype.

    The downside is they’re quite expensive to call into from a normal phone apparently, so we had 2 phones, the VOIP for calling out and the normal landline.

    Does the same job as an android handset and the skype app conncected to Wi-Fi though, without the benifit of being able to use it over mobile data as well.

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    Bear in mind of course that if the other party has Skype then its free to call Skype to Skype.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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