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  • epicsteve

    I'm also confused by the model numbers etc. but have what I think are the cheapest U-turn coil ones on my Enduro and they're excellent. I find the U-turn quite useful as my old Enduro frame wasn't really designed for 140mm forks.

    The numbers are the model numbers and denote differences in chassis.

    The 300 ones are OEM so could be anything, usualy missing adjustments on the damper or the u-turn function. I dont think theres any way to tell from the number what it is so you'd have to look at them and/or ask.

    The 400 ones all have the same damper, but different steerers and crown. Cheepr ones (lower number) have steel steerers and a solid crown, the more expensive have a hollow forged crown and an aluminium steerer.

    The spring is independant from the number so you can get a coil sprung pike with the lightweight steerer and crown.

    As far as i know they dont make a non u-turn coil spring model.

    I have the 454 which is coil with Alloy steerer, and u-turn (which is pretty handy). They do/did a coil with steel steerer, which I think is 426(?)

    EDIT. That's a better synopsis above.

    All the coil ones are u-turn as well: doesn't really make the fork that much heavier or complicated to look after than a normal fixed travel coil in my experience (I've had 2 coil ones). Only other thbing is the springs often seem to come up quite soft compared to other rockshox forks, and there is no 'proper' way to preload the coil if it is too soft : some folk use the compression damping and some fit harder springs.

    They are all quite good if a bit heavy with a coil in, i suppose if you are fussy then the 317 (only available as oem or part of whole bike) is the one to avoid as the damping is not so good. Motion control damping on all the others, and if it has had a 'push' upgrade it is allegedly better on the same way that black box is better than older motion control damping. Never tried a 'pushed' fork though. The differences in the others seem to be about the steerer/crown and whether the floodgate on the motion control is internally or externally adjustable. (The internally adjustable one is still a doddle to adjust and thats if you ever actually use it!)

    HTH 🙂


    Thanks lads, how good are the air ones?


    I think I want a pair of Rockshox Pikes. There seems to be a million varieties of them with different numbers. I assume the numbers mean something, ie one number for coil, one number for air, another number for u-turn.

    I think I want 140mm coil ones. (dont care about u-turn)

    Can anyone educate me about the different options/types etc.


    Thanks lads, how good are the air ones?

    better than the coil for sure 😉

    I've been running 454 Air U-Turn Pikes for stuff like this:

    much better adjustment setup using the pos/neg air springs (filled seperately) and of course 100% sag correct for your weight, using air pump


    no offence but the only requirement of a fork for hucking off smooth wooden drops to nicely shaped landings is the correct spring weight and decent rebound damping control. Setting up an air fork for your weight is simply the same thing as fitting the correct weight coil spring and sorry to tell you but there isn't a 100% correct sag height, it's all personal preference.

    Ps. nice stake positioning 😯

    Mark N

    The stake does ensure commitment tat is for sure.. 😉

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    Holy flirking schnit!

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