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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    Hmm.. ok stuff to think about then cheers.

    The duplicate thing is just annoying when browsing. I would love it if I could get elements organiser to treat jpg and raw as different versions of the same image.


    Yeah, I agree mixing them in the same folder does make it cumbersome.

    That’s easy enough to fix though. I have DXO setup to generate jpegs to a different path to where it found the raws. You could do the same with elements presumably.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’ll experiment. I do have to sit and go through all my images when I import them, because there’s a lot, maybe 50% that I don’t want to keep at all. The easiest way is to apply the star ratings to them. So if I can find a way to process based on those I might be able to do what I want – otherwise I’ll just stick with RAW.

    The thumbnail generation in the organiser is still annoying though.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Oh boy, Lightroom 4 is ace!

    Only shooting in RAW now as you don’t even know as its so easy with Lightroom,

    Cheers chaps.

    £68 off Cameraworld.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Great stuff!

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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