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    Due to sheer laziness I’m thinking of getting a pod coffe machine (currently have a 10 year old Gran gaggia – which works fine but I tend not to use it as much as I would like due to cleaning etc).
    So, whats the crack with pod machines….are the pods different for different machines? Can you get decent brands for all types of machine, or do some brands of machine have certain brands of coffee?
    Whats the difference in a £50 machine to a £100 machine? How much are pods and can you buy in bulk?

    Thanks in advance……


    Have a quick look over the last week or so’s threads, there are at least a couple on this exact issue.


    Can only speak for Dolce Gusto and Nespresso, but depending on what type of coffee you are into then each has its’ benefits. If you like espresso coffee, and aren’t too bothered about longer, coffee shop style coffees then Nespresso is a good option. If you canvass opinion from the forum massive I believe there is a number of users that really like the coffee from their Nespresso machines. The patent on the Nespresso capsules has just finished, this will no doubt mean there will be a number of other coffee makers producing coffee to use in their machines.

    As for Dolce Gusto, the machine can still make espresso coffees but the range is limited. The coffees are more akin to what you’d get in a high street coffee shop, you can get lattes, mochas, hot chocolates, ice coffee etc… but can only use Dolce Gusto capsules. This is the same (if I remember correctly) for all machine makers, you have to buy their capsules. Dolce Gusto costs between 24p and 48p a cup, I forget the Nespresso cost.

    As far as difference between models there is very little, mostly it is aesthetics but they will all try to sell it on some magical wisdom inside the machine.

    If you are interested in Nespresso John Lewis allow you to go sample coffee, as do a number of other stores, they may even do Dolce Gusto as well.


    I have a Dolce Gusto and I’m very happy with it although I have nothing to compare it against!! The only downside for me is that many of the less common pods are only available by mail order. Also they are not recyclable which is a shame.
    If it broke tomorrow I’d buy another.


    Just had a look at the price of pods…might go back to my old gaggia after all! does it really cost about 50p per cup?


    Relatively high cost per cup plus nasty little pods-worth of waste to dispose of.


    yep, £3.79 for a box, 16 capsules, each drink needs a milk and a coffee capsule so 8 drinks in a box…zzzzzzzzmmmmmmmmmppppppppppaaaaaaaaappppppppp = £0.47375


    The cappuchinos etc need two pods (and the milk isn’t the greatest) so they do work out expensive, regular coffes that you add your own milk to come out to about 24p a go.


    Hava a Lavazza Mio machine; makes great coffee. You can make longer coffees like cappuccino and Americano by hot water or the milk frother.

    I had my first coffee from a cafe yesterday since having our machine. Tasted rank in comparison!


    They have their place in the coffee world….

    Way better than instant granules,
    Not a patch on freshly ground beans using a high class machine

    I reckon they win on sheer convenience, I don’t have to boil a kettle, grind beans, wait for my machine to get to pressure etc So use them mainly for a quick hit when I don’t want the faff of getting the Gaggia on but want something better than wet and hot instant.

    I ended up with a Tassimo after looking around a bit
    Why ? It just suited my needs … a variety of pods are available at my local supermarket, though not the full range, Online ordering was easy and delivery quick if I want more pods, and contrary to some statements I don’t think the drinks are that dear, a pack of 16 pods for around £3.80 = less than 30p a cup for espresso or you can go the latte , macciatto route and get a pack of 8 drinks for around £4.80 … 60p a cup

    My current favourite morning brew is a 120ml columbia creme intensa, which I brew on my way to the bathroom and slowly sip on … Great start to the day


    Nespresso capsules are about 30p each when you order from the Nespresso site.

    If you want a long coffee put in one capsule and top up with hot water from the machine = Americano.

    If you want a cappucino or latte put in one of the stronger blends and top up with frothy milk.

    Unless you like it strong you only need one capsule to make a coffee with Nespresso.

    Quality is excellent and they are spot on every single time.

    The machine cleans itself by running through hot water with no capsule in.


    Nespresso here. You can buy the pods at The ‘Nespresso Boutique’ e.g. Trafford Centre to save having to mail order. It’s convenient and tastes pretty good but I prefer a larger coffee…even for the ‘large’ 140ml you should use the lungo specific capsules. I find them a bit weak if you try and make it larger by putting extra water through. Also the coffee isn’t really that hot, if you want to add milk you need to warm it first otherwise the result is tepid….but convenience wins for now.

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