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  • jamiea

    Eden are supposed to be good, I’m wanting one of their Santoku knives. We’ve got a couple Lion Sabatiers at the mo (Cheffs & Carving) but they I find they don’t keep a good edge even when using one of their honing steels.



    though the quality makes a difference its the every day maintenance that makes the biggest difference, the best knifes will lose their edge. Get in the habit of sharpening them regularly, preferable every time before you use them. Other than that our sabatiers are pretty good.

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    had some sets of Ceramic Knives form Aldi – our branch still has some sets of two. These are the best knives I have used, BUT I have to hide them from the rest of the family as they have no idea how to look after them as they are fragile.


    i have some sabtie knives to and find they don’t hold their edge very well. have upgraded to i.o.shen now and they are much better and i hope they last a long time. and there is loads of sizes and blade styles to choose form.

    ioshen site


    I use a 15cm Victorinox chefs knife 90% of the time, works just as well as the stuff I used when I worked in a kitchen


    We currently have some made in Sheffield ‘stainless’ rubbish, which are needing replaced.

    My OH used to have a Global veg knife which she loved, but my ex-flatmate broke it cutting some er, hard, brown resinous substance.

    I’m just wondering what’s considered decent, without spending silly money. I quite like one-piece designs. Might just buy a veg knife and cook’s knife, but my OH says she also wants a small-ish serrated knife as she finds a serrated blade easier for chopping veg [she has strength/dexterity problems from a stroke 15 years ago]


    Wusthof are great knives if you don’t want to spend too much. Prefer them to the Sabetier set my girlfriend has.

    Another big vote for Wusthof Classics from me.

    Excellent stuff.


    wusthof +1 again from me

    cheapest place to buy is tk maxx !!

    if you have a good root in there you can pick them up plus other bargain knifes next to nothing.

    yes there seconds ( so is everythingh in tk max nearly )

    ive got a few wusthof from there one had a nik in the handle and the other the writing on the blade was upside down ! both cost a tenner, in nisbetts there over 50 quid each. nothing wrong with the blade at all.


    Thanks All, I’ll check some of those suggestions out.

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