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  • caledonia

    I'm off there for my first hack around the Red route at Inners on Saturday.
    I'm very used to Glentress Red and Black routes, but have heard that the Red at Inners is much harder.
    4 of us going, and we're all first timers there.

    So, What do I need to look out for ?
    Are there any nasty little suprises that I am likely to aproach at inapropriate speeds ?

    Any other advice very welcome….


    huge climb followed by the best decent i have ever done


    only done the downs at inners and it is some of the best riding i have done – anywhere in the world!

    its is truly awesome


    Awesome entertaining, varied climb, followed by fantastic descent. Nicely mixed of fast/tech sections, take in the black on the descent if you feel brave! inners is one of my favourite trails ever.

    Premier Icon alexonabike

    got to agree.
    up there last week.fookin awsome,all of it


    Take a look at some of the vids on youtube. There are some places where you could do a lot of damage to yourself on that route.

    As for the others – you serious about it being the best descent ever? It aint even the best xc descent at Inners.


    one vid to watch

    the a-line – cadon bank 😀

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Wouldn't call it harder than GT red – more of a straight climb up / fast descent down. Just keep your eyes peeled for what's coming up, and be careful on the rocky bits 'if' it's damp.
    There's an excellent bomb-hole just after a notice-post saying 'skids are for kids' – you'll probably want to section that a couple of times as it's a long climb to the top after it.



    i wasn't specifically referring to the red as i have nt done it
    but the downhill routes are awesome


    It is a lot harder than GT red. Technically more difficult than the black there too.

    Gooner, they are indeed.

    I don't think the red is that much harder than the Glentress stuff. It is, after all, a red route (although there are some bits graded black). I think the climb to the top is easier than the black at Glentress, apart from the first bit out the car park it's not very steep but nice and steady with a few nice descents too.

    Inners XC is good, but it's no-where near the best in the world.
    I'm sorry, but it's true.


    S_F – it was after all a black route and from what i can see, not a lot has changed. It was still black when they put the easier plora option in.

    Oh right, I thought it was designated a 'red' by the same criteria that the FC use for all the trail centres. It's better than Glentress, whatever it is!

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    There are some places where you could do a lot of damage to yourself on that route.

    George has a v valid point there – do not get carried away, esp. on the quick descents – 'lose it here, you're in a world o' hurt' as a big man once said.

    Premier Icon drain

    I once saw it described as "XC designed by a downhiller" – which was pretty close to how it feels! Definitely a lot harder / more technical than the GT red and most of the GT black. Fun though!

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    I liked it,


    The first couple of sections off the top of the Minchmoor are great fun and any hazards are quite visable, you can see them coming if you know what I mean. Top section is like a bodsleigh run, berm after berm, ace.

    Caddon bank could catch you out, there are three drop offs near the start that get progressively larger, the chicken run on the third one is even quite tricky. You should mibby walk these first but are all quite straight forward, imo the 2nd one has the worst landing, the third is higher but has a good transition on landing. All easily doable on a HT.

    There are a few other bits that you could come a cropper on, but crashing is part of the fun isn't it?!

    It's an easy cycle/push back up the DH pushup signed Make or Brake (I think) to the first fire road if you want to do Caddon Bank a few times without doing the whole route again.

    Its not that huge a climb – just a bit of a slog.
    Goan – innerleithan XC is red.

    The red-graded Innerleithen XC route is a cracking trail

    from the FC website – plora craig has a couple of black sections always been a red route always will be.


    This is the best video I've found which shows the whole decent.

    Long climb, half woodland, half open moor. Get the soreen malt loaf out at the summit then get ready for some quality singletrack.



    "Are there any nasty little suprises that I am likely to aproach at inapropriate speeds ? "

    thats the 3rd of the opening caddon bank drops (the biggest). Decide if you want to do the first and take it from there. The take offs are made up rock slabs so are quite obvious

    Interesting that Glen – I have always known it as a red How long ago the change?

    those three drops on caddon bank have chicken runs BTW if required


    plora craig has a couple of black sections always been a red route always will be
    LOL! A textbook "TJ makes a tit of himself" post. Someone should do a book of 'em.

    Proteus – when was it changed? Seriously I am interested – its certainly marked as red now and I have never known it as other.

    Where else are their black sections?

    Glen More

    Posted on 15 Apr 2008 by andy.dodds

    “We've just finished building 1.7km of new red singletrack descent on the XC Route. The first new section (1.2km) comes after the Minch Moor descent and is packed full of jumps, berms and cheeky rock features. It will be open on Thu 20 March in time for Easter weekend. This section will replace the 'natural' loop back up and down the Minch Moor and link straight into the 'Enduro Track'.

    The other new section, named Oh Deer!, is open now and provides an easier red-graded alternative to the hardest section on Plora Craig. There are still several rock sections to keep you on your toes!

    With the addition of these new sections and tweaks to the more trickier sections of Stell Burn Climb, we are now able to convert the whole route to red grade, making the Innerleithen XC Route a great alternative to the Red Route at Glentress. Waymarking conversions and adjustments to the climb should be completed by the end of April, and updated maps are at the printers as we write.”

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Didn't it originally open as a weird "red with unavoidable black bits" grade? (Where the black bits were Plora Craig & Caddon Bank).

    Premier Icon househusband

    I've got the FC 7Stanes Glentress & Innerleithen PDF map from 2007 that describes the Innerleithen XC route as being 'Black/Severe'…


    Now I'm excited !
    I can't wait for Sat now ! I will have to check my speed it looks like, as Those drops look like they will bite any mistakes hard. 😯
    The guys in that Vimeo video look tired just 5 mins in !

    I have heard of the potential to hurt yourself a whole lot if you get it wrong, hence my OP.
    Thank you all for your responses so far.

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