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  • Premier Icon dawson

    As above really…

    Anybody got one?

    Worth getting?

    I’m looking at a Pure Highway thing

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Mine worked ok up until the local chavs nicked it. Did about £200 damage for a £70 radio, worth about a tenner in the pub. 👿
    Reception by the car radio tended to cause the most problems.

    Digital radio is not yet suited to mobile reception. The problem is that the protocol is set up for static devices, there either IS a signal or there ISN’T. Mobile devices are constantly moving in and out of signal range. Look at how much the emergency services had to spend to get their digital system up and running with good coverage.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i’ve used a sony static DAB with an FM transmitter through the car radio, worked for the most part…radio 7 on the move 🙂


    There’s an alternative if you’ve got an iPhone. There’s an app called iCarRadio that allows you to select radio stations like the BBC digital ones and stream them over the phone network. As long as you’ve got a signal you get the radio. If you’ve got an iPod input then you’ve got a DAB/Internet radio in the car.

    Premier Icon dawson

    thanks for the input folks

    mrmichaelwright– i had that thought in the back of my mind and wondered if the newer technology had somehow got round that.

    The other thing with the Pure Highway is that it has an MP3 input so I may still consider it – my car has a built in stereo without an MP3 connection… I need more tunes, and i can’t be arsed burning CD’s any more!


    I’ve got a Highway and it’s ok but the problem I’m finding is the lack of frequencies that you can tune it into on the radio, there seems to be less available.


    we’ve got a sony OEM DAB in our newish focus. haven’t had any problems with signal in 6 months and never anything less than perfect sound. we like it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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