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  • Make sure you visit the Hong Kong Phooey museum…its awesome 😯


    My overriding impressions from my brief trip to Hong Kong are a massively scary landing at the airport and a chicken being killed at my dinner table.

    Hope this helps. 😉

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    Get out and about. Ride the tram. Do the touristy Peak. Explore the neighbourhoods, Wanchi, Lang Kwai Fong etc. Take a cruise / dinner trip. See Kowloon (take the ferry of course) and explore the New Territories a bit (as it sounds like you are doing). Have some proper dim sum and crispy duck – skip the birds nest and shark fin soups. Find some roof top bars and enjoy the night time skyline. Wander round central and see the up market brands, wonder at the size of the Louis Vuiton shop and how busy it is. Wander into the Mandarin Hotel (original one) and have a beer or an English Favourite like shepherds pie in the Chinnery Bar. Not sure if it’s the season but see if there’s a race event on at the Jockey Club.

    I found out recently there is a Jackie Chan statue, that would have to be worth a visit – I wonder if you can see a Jackie Chan classic whilst you where there, that would be cool

    You possibly don’t have time but HaNoi in Vietnam is doable for a long weekend, 2hr flight from HK and you can get a visa on arrival organised through a hotel

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    Off on Tuesday for 3 weeks with work which means 2 weekends off, one being a bank holiday so 5 full days plus 16 evenings of leisure

    So what are the must see and do’s?
    Already been in touch with the HKMBA and in process of arranging a days biking (country park riding permit application filled in)
    For some reason been booked into a hotel in ShaTin which seems very nice but a bit remote (and maybe limited for reasonable priced dining outside the hotel) so guessing I’m going to get pretty familiar with the MTR


    Hong Kong Flying Ball bike shop is a must see ….
    Sha Tin is in the New Territories but 15 mins from central Kowloon (Mongkok, Tsim Tsa Tsui) – using the KCR rail system.
    Sha Tin itself has a prominent Buddhist temple – worth a visit and a very big shopping centre (it’s actually several joined together by walk ways)
    Change at Kowloon Tong and you can get over to the MTR system and on towards Hong Kong Island side.
    Visit Stanley Market on Hong Kong Island – that’s good fun.
    (Bus from Admiralty)
    Also for a full-om shopping experience try Mongkok for the Ladies Market and the busy streets for clothes and export fashion boutiques.
    Try Causeway Bay for the Hong Kong Jockey club race night at the race course in Happy Valley.

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    Because of the long weekend there should be a few groups about, if your on Facebook join the MTB.HK group, there’s usually rides listed an visitors are always welcome, relativity easy to rent a decent bike for the weekend if required.
    The guys at HKMBA (Brandon/Kenneth etc) are good guys to know and know all of the trails, good people to hook up with. If your up for some riding over the two weekend your welcome to PM me as well, email in my profile.
    Even though its starting to chill a bit here I recommend a minimum 2-3 liter bladder, it does get hot when you start riding and can be a pain if your not used to the humidity.

    Regarding the tourist side, most has been listed above, the minimum you should do is the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor and a trip to The Peak.
    Public transport is cheap and the MTR is one of the best transport system in the world, plus you can take a bike on it (just remove the front wheel).
    Recommend you get an Octopus card at the MTR desk at the airport arrival hall, this is the same as an Oyster card but also enables you to purchase good in some shops so useful to have one, you can hand it back and get your deposit returned when you leave (deposit is 50 HKD).

    Enjoy your stay, Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities in the world to live and has a surprising amount of country parks to explore as well.


    As above plus i liked the Sky 100 really good views Hong Kong and Kowloon. I also liked the cable car trip up to see Big Budda, if you like supercars then you will see plenty 🙂

    Stewart has it pretty much spot on.

    Some more from me;
    Stanley – Go to St Stephen’s Beach. Much quieter/nicer overall.
    Eating – Bistro Manchu on Elgin, and have the Manchurian Roast Lamb. Am salivating at the thought of it already!

    As above, the MTR is awesome, but taxis are dirt cheap and usually pretty good. Take addresses written down in Chinese script,as increasingly they’re mainlanders behind the wheel. Also, there are Kowloon taxis and HK taxis. Don’t tend to mix…!

    Water. Take a water bottle everywhere with you. It’s hot, sticky and hot, and very easy to dehydrate.


    Download the shanghai taxi app – it’s a translater for taxi drivers!!


    For the best dim sum ever, it has to be Din Tai Fung…..


    Go and visit Flying Ball bike shop. It’s ace!

    They gave me some Flying Ball socks 8)


    You can also have a bit of a beach holiday. South Bay is nice and quiet for lounging / swimming. Best time of year to visit it should be hot and clear , unless the smog comes in from china

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