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  • tell me about hackintosh?
  • Premier Icon mboy

    It’s easier than it used to be, but…

    IMO, it’s more a case of cherry picking a load of components that are known to work well (plenty out there do, and there’s lots that don’t) and building a computer from those components, then installing OSX on it. I’ve run a Hackintosh for a couple of years now, and after very few minor teething problems, all has been good. I did a shedload of research first though (OSX86 Project and Insanely Mac forums are your friend here for sure!) to make sure I was picking parts that would work. More parts work well now than when I built mine 2 years ago, so it’s probably less of a minefield than it was, but as with anything, proper research and preparation will stand you well in time.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    What mboy says.
    Only other point to add is that it’s difficult to get osx running well on a laptop, if that was your intention, due to inability to select parts that work. Some builds can be used, but by the time the relevant software is out the manufacturers have changed the spec

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Respectfully, if you’re not planning to buy a load of new hardware that is known to work properly (from the Buyer’s Guides on there), or spend ages reading and learning how to make it work with what you’ve go, it’s not for you.

    is it just a case of installing a version of osx onto an intel fired pc or is there black magic involved?

    aha, bit more involved that i thought. i love the idea and challenge of building one, but even the budget builds are well over 400 from what i can see and sadly i have not the time to fiddle or the cash.

    on with the search for a cheap used mac mini… or i may have to relent and just buy another pc.

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