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  • Tell me about GoPro things or similar, please
  • Premier Icon yoshimi

    Apart from the worry about looking a bit, y’know, wearing one I quite fancy the idea but god they’re expensive. I’m not totally convinced yet but some of the results I’ve seen from the chest ones are quite good.

    Are GoPro the only ones worth bothering with? Is the white version upto much i.e. is it worth the extra cash for a silver/black one? Chest mounts £35, seriously? Wheres a good place to buy one?



    I’m just about to purchase a GoPro silver.

    I have noticed them on a couple of sites for £200.
    Not used a white one but a friend has the silver version, the quality of the video and slow-mo’s is stunning !

    Not sure if any of the other makes are as well supported and shoot as nice video…

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I’ve got the new silver one, it is very good when it works, but crashes/freezes a lot requiring the battery to be taken in and out again, which isn’t ideal in a whiteout or rain etc, also very frustrating when you think it’s been recording and find out it stopped 30 seconds in. I think the black has had a lot of software problems too.

    The costs is ridiculous but hopefully it’ll last a few years. I just bought mine at LBS as at the time there were no discounts anywhere online. You could save a few quid on getting the memory card from hong kong perhaps.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Also factor in some software editing software, and in my case, a new hard drive to store hours of as yet unedited footage of people saying “yes it’s on” and slowly hauling myself out of powder.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    LOL at Bigjim 🙂

    £200 for the silver where -can only find the white for that price

    I’ve got iMovie on the MAC, I imagine tha’ll do the job

    I’ve got a Sandisk 32gb Extreme card – will that work?


    If you want chesty mount footage then the GoPro is the only one to get.

    I’ve just bought the chest mount for £29 from here. They also sell the batteries for £17.. As they only last an hour or so, it’s worth getting a spare.

    Sandisk 32gb Extreme cards will work, as long as it is a proper one and not a fake. Shooting 1080p 60fps, Protune & RAW works out 10mins = 3Gb’ish.

    I’ve just bought the Hero Black for £310 and I think it is worth it, for the image quality and you can shoot video in RAW and dial in the right exposure post processing.

    GoPro do free software, which allows you to clip and convert the videos. As someone else has said, you may want a powerful computer, but it depends on what sort of editing you plan on doing.

    Premier Icon postierich


    Just recently bought the black and it is frustrating poor battery life with the wifi and has frozen on me a couple of times.No paper info so you have to download the manual.Only shot a couple of clips this one ended abruptly with a puncture after a minute(bloody tubeless rip)

    Trying to find a user friendly editing package that is free for my feeble footage,you need a decent processor to deal with the footag!!!


    afaik you’ll not get more than 10% discount on a hero 3. there was a link to a deal on hot deals that meant you could get a silver for about £220, so i placed the order but it ‘fell through’ shortly afterwards even though they had the stock. i think go pro are marketing this a bit like apple in terms of keeping a close eye on making sure it is attracting a premium.

    still the best supported cam out there though. bought a silver recently (for my club) but not had a chance to use it yet. taking it to revolution bike park on saturday though if i can get the stuff i ordered seperately.

    micro sd card on the 3 so sounds like you’re gonna need a new one. class 10 64gb from amazon for £38.

    as for editing software, check out go pro cineform – should be quite good i reckon (although maybe similar to iMovie)

    edit: and i’m gonna need a new laptop…


    Don’t bother unless you’re really good/ride with good riders otherwise the videos will be boring. I know from first hand experience 🙁


    i find the video cutter from xilisoft a useful piece of software for cutting out all the dross from your footage so you just have the ‘action’ shots. it’s dead lightweight & designed to do only 1 job & i use it to go through all my footage from a day (or whatever) and arrange it in a file so its easier to edit it together nicely in an editor.


    i have the hero2, and its been faultless. I choose 720@60fps rather then 1080@30fps, purely for my preference to be able to slow the video down and see whats going on. I use the gopro software and windows movie maker, and am happy enough with the simple videos i can make.

    Would love to mess around with black version, if only to see 720@120fps, as well as the 4k option. Just need a bigger tv now 🙂


    Your SD card may be at fault for the unit freezing up. I had a similar issue with a Hero2 before changing the card. For the hero 2 you could use a class 6 or above for the hero 3 it must be class 10.

    I use 32 or 64 Sandisk micro SD cards on my Hero 3 (black & silver) without issue. There are a great number of fake cards out there so be careful. I picked up a dodgy 32gb sandisk one from a Jersey based ebayer. Was swapped out without issue.

    Which SD Memory Card For My GoPro?


    AppGeeker is what I use for many of my basic video editting. It’ll join, split, take effect, crop, clip and convert various formats and really couldn’t be easier to use.


    Ask yourself how quickly you’ll get over the novelty of watching your rides, especially if you don’t ride too many different trails. Also consider whether you’re likely to think you can’t be bothered to carry it around with you any more.

    Personally I’d rather concentrate on enjoying my riding without encumbrances and interruptions than making a film which even I’m bored with by the time I’ve got done editing it.


    I find that as soon as you have to mess about (whether batteries, mounts, editing, whatever), is the moment you stop using it. I’ve got on much better with mine since I’ve started just doing really short, really basic edits like the below. Away with work this week following uplift at the weekend, and this was done in an hour on an iPad with iMovie.

    The chest mount is a good perspective, but can be a bit shaky if it’s very rough, although the little white ring helps.



    I’ve got one going cheap with memory card and chest strap.


    I bought a silver one off Fleebay for £220. Pretty happy with it now. Use a chest strap for the mountain bike stuff, fixes to my motorbike helmet with one of their sticky mounts and also bought a suction cup for car or lifeboat stuff. Guess if you can use it for more than just MTB then its worth it… hoping to see a wipe out in front of me soon and get it into You’ve been framed and get my money back! 😆


    I just picked up my gopro silver and its unbelievable the quality of video compared to my last cheapy….
    35 for chest mount out of Evans but i didnt want the helmet mount or the bar mount,video shot was excellant but will need to tighten it and try position it a bit better,to much bike and not enough trail.i was running a 8gb class 4 card and got an hour or so footage before the battery chucked it,not great life for 270quid worth of camera,so its either extra battery,batpac or find some kind of external charge pack,similar to the one i run my iphone on,
    On the editing front im just using windows live movie maker,seems to edit,cut out the faff and can add music,before you upload to youtube and get chiined for copyright infringement

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