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  • cynic-al

    I “think” Tern/Dahon are the main cheaper option.

    As for light weight, it’s never cheap.


    I had a tern, it snapped at the main hinge bolt but that aside when it was running fine if I was buying one again I would get a Brompton having now used them a few times through the Brompton dock. Miles better in almost every aspect and worth the extra imo.

    As brought out almost every time this comes up;

    Folding bike = Brompton
    Folding bike = Airnimal


    Dahon is the best budget choice
    Brompton are best for foldability and will get best resale though they are overpriced to begin with
    Mezzo are best compromise between foldability and rideability if you can’t afford a Birdy

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Whatever you get, hub dynamo is a good investment – always have lights available, no charging needed.


    winston – Member
    Dahon is the best budget choice

    I have a Dahon Vitesse and it’s rather Ace. Come in various guises, mines the 7speed hub version so it’s just unfold and off you go.
    £900 IIRC when I bought it (top of the range then) but you can get something similar for £450, try Evans Cycles website for info..

    I was recently asking about this and people on here suggested looking at some of the folding bikes decathlon. The cheapest, a single speed is about £150 but there’s a geared one for £250 too.

    Also suggested was a season ticket bike hire scheme that is operated by South West Trains. Not sure whether this will apply to your wife’s commute but it wasn’t something which came up when I was googling.

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    i would defo recommend using a single speed if you don’t have any big hills, keep it nice and simple.

    Worth noting that if she can’t hack holding 14kg then get one which can be wheeled.

    I keep my chain pretty dry as it will inevitably touch clothing at some point or another and it will wreck your clothes.

    Get slick high pressure tyres to keep the speed up and a bell!

    I use a Philips promenade which cost me about £30 initially off ebay there are some bargains about and it is faster to unfold than a brompton.

    Premier Icon woody74

    Thanks all. I always thought that there must be a reason Bromptons were so popular despite the price. Maybe worth looking for a 2nd hand Brompton.

    I was looking at the Dahons on Evans as they have some good discounts.


    Have ridden and recommended many of the above. But for slight left-field, my most recent recommendation was a Giant Halfway. Rides well, not too heavy, folds (not that small).

    If looking second hand, I’d look for a Mezzo. Even used, Bromptons are so expensive that I would buy new or something else.

    Premier Icon woody74

    Wife needs a folding bike for her new commute when she goes back after maternity leave. Will only be cycling 3 or 4 mile each way and as first time folder owners, reluctant to spend a ton on a Brompton.

    Needs to have mudguards, rack and hopefully quite light as she will have to lug it in and out of the car boot.

    Any recommendations?

    Premier Icon woody74

    Decathlon bikes, look good. They have one with a belt drive 7 speed Nexus hub for £550


    Decathlon one as above – lifetime warranty too on frame and includes guards and rack.

    Premier Icon flange

    I’m selling mine! Advert might not inspire you to reach for your wallet though…

    Premier Icon woody74

    Hi Flange

    Yes saw your post the other day and it didn’t fill me with confidence regarding a Tern!!

    Premier Icon nuke

    Currently have a dahon but have used a brompton…used for couple of mile commute plus stored under desk and taken on trains/boot of car.I’ve found dahon no slower to fold/unfold as dahon has all QR when folding/unfolding whilst brompton has wingnut style. Dahon no heavier either. Only advantage of brompton for me was the towing wheels when folded

    Go for an old Dahon with a 3 speed hub.
    I’ve tried a few folding bikes actually the trick is to get a decent one with a 16inch wheel. Not sure why, but this makes a huge difference for portability and storage

    Something like this would be great. Single speed versions also available

    Similar thing here, just not as pretty, but just as good and feels a tad more stable

    Premier Icon sboardman

    Got a Tern Uno on cycle to work a couple of months ago. No problems with it so far. Yes its not “light” and it doesn’t fold as small as a brompton; but it’s much better than the MTB on the train and cost all of £330 (gross, before salary sacrifice) so fairly bargainous. It does fit under my desk at work though, and makes a good conversation starter when colleagues walk past…

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom

    Does it have to be a folder …… Couldn’t you get a bike rack for the car ?

    Then you have a lot more choice in bikes.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Couple of people at work use Decathlon folders – park 2-3 miles along the canal and pootle in on the towpath.

    Though the head honcho, smart suited change implementation manager has a Brompton which he uses when he tries to beat his Strava time for the 600 yards from the office to the station, sending pedestrians flying in his wake, with his dreadlocks flowing behind him.


    same here, my mrs does about 5 mile a day

    bought a cheapo folding bike, she found it heavy to lift

    just bought a second hand 2 speed brompton, she loves it, it is so much better, and lighter, paid £440 for it off ebay, genuine bike from 1st owner, saw receipt et

    thats what I would do

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