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  • ti_pin_man

    Sounds about right in terms of proceedure and price. I was quoted a similar price. In my case the x-ray showed that I need a bone graft to give enough bone to fix the implant to and this would take a while to settle and several trips to my dentist over a year. I havent raised the funds yet but then again Pace didnt compensate me for their sh1te forks snapping did they 😉 grrrrrrrr.


    Hi Iain.

    I’ve visited 5 dentists in total now. One was Stratford Dental, in Stratford (you’d never have guessed). That was on recommendation of my parents who live a bit more locally than me. The practice seems ok, but I was a bit annoyed at making an appointment to ask about implants, and then just get a quick overview for the dentist to say
    “Yes, implants would be one solution; you’ll need to see our implantologist. He’s here once a month, and was here yesterday. You’ll have to come back in a month. That’ll be £130 please.”

    Personally I want a practice that can offer service better than once a month, and so far I have been most satisfied by Ceepers recommendation on the 1st page.

    Sorry that doesn’t really help, apart from ‘maybe not Stratford Dental’.

    Good luck.


    Have you thought about dental tourism? Apparently the Czech Republic is a hotspot for it. And even with flights etc I can’t see it costing 7k

    TBH – I need to get an implant sorted as well , so just beginning to look at options …

    You might get lucky having treatment abroad but then again you may have a lot of problems.

    I had a patient in the other week who requires a full mouth rebuild after shoddy work abroad and can think of quite a few others in a similar situation. They are all ending up paying more than their initial treatment would have cost in the UK and ending up with a dentition with a worse long term prognosis.

    Some good info here

    You may find that if you have problems some dentists in this country would not wish to treat you, basically if there is a problem and they try to sort it they then become involved in the problem and may be liable….

    I had another patient a few years ago who had some implant work done abroad using some obscure system and there wasn’t a dentist in the UK who could correct the work. Basically implant systems and their connectors vary (think Torx screws and other similar security type screws) and may not be interchangeable. If you have the actual implant placed and the crown fails it may be difficult to replace.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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