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  • odannyboy

    i know a nearby campsite says they can be a they occur at the trail centre? if so when and what can you do about it?smother yourself in repelent?

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    coed y brenin & midges – new one me been there loads of times and not had a problem.

    Maybe I have been lucky 🙂


    Been there tons of times and never even noticed any let alone been bothered by them.


    avon skin so soft, always.


    Avoid evening rides 8pm onwards. That seems to be 'meal time'.

    I recall being bitten by horse flies in the Pentland Hills last year. You could feel them 'bite' down :-(. By the ride's end I had blood running down my legs.


    From last years experience there are few at the trail centre and trails but if you head further up the road near trawsfynydd there a billions of them – a real pest. Seems to be a problem if you are anywhere near trawsfynydd lake.


    We got badly midged at a campsite on the south side of the estuary a couple of years ago but had no problems on the trail centre routes.


    I was there at 11pm on sunday night for a night ride, I got out the car in the car park and it was like something out of the x files, I got absolutely savaged. My legs have been on fire for the last five days. I recon I got over 60 bites in the time it took me to get ready.

    Twas fine once on the trails tho!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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