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    All I know is carbon roach poles make a funny (my opinion, fishermen think differently) cracking noise when you run over them


    Depends what kind of fishing you are doing. The Abu Garcia Diplomat is a decent spinning rod for the money. Not telescopic but will still be portable.

    Why telescopic & how telescopic? Is it to fit in a suitcase to take abroad or a backpack?
    I’ve got 3 telescopic rods ( & 8 normal ones) & my fave is a Daiwa Emcast carp rod which I use as a heavy spinning rod for mackarel, but It’s still about 1.2 mtrs packed down. I have a cheapie beachcaster & a lighter spinning rod which fit in a suitcase.
    Go Outdoors seem to have a decent range.


    You might as well say “bikes, with wheels, which one should I buy?”.

    What kind of fishing do you want to do? How small does the rod need to pack? Budget?


    Ive got 20 quid telescopic one for trout fishing – Abu Garcia

    it gets used as a spare when I have guests or for kids or if im out and about on my bike

    it works


    I’ve tried and owned quite a few telescopic rods over the years, generally speaking the cheap ones are garbage and will fall apart or sections stick together in no time at all. The only one I’ve ever had worth having was a shimano exage stc. It was only 6′ and for very light spinning duties only (I got it for small hill loch brownies) but I broke it fairly shortly after I got it through my own fault for over exerting it. I would try a 7′ or 8′ one if I were ever to replace.

    I much prefer the multiple section travel rods. The don’t pack down quite as compact as the telescopic ones but I find they have a better action, are better quality and more reliable. Again my favourite here is the shimano stc travel rods. I have two spining rods, an 8′ or 9′ foot one (it can be setup as either) and a 10′ or 11′ foot one (again can be setup as either). Between the two of them I can cover 90% of the fishing I do.

    I also have a 7 section Shakespeare 9′ expedition fly rod which wasn’t very expensive but good quality and a really nice rod. Based on that I wouldn’t hesitate to try out the equivalent spinning version.

    I have the shimano exage as km mentions, great wee rod, fits in my camelbak for impromptu Galloway trout rustling…. 😉

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