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  • Technical climbs in the south-east
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    I do like a tech climb! Since I started singlespeeding a couple of years ago I’ve found plenty local that were easy with gears, whilst the ebike has also opened up a load that were near impossible without a motor to help. Not suggesting anyone needs more bikes but it is one of the better reasons…

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    Take your pick of any of the ‘toughest climbs in the chilterns’, find the nearest off piste and pray its not muddy. If you just want a short steep shock – ‘the wall’ at great missenden is truly horrible.


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    @sui has beaten me to the jump on a few here.

    Gasson’s Farm and it’s opposite number are doable lungbusters.

    Jabba by the Honeysuckle Bottom sawmill is simply impossible, although some claim to have ridden up it. I found a nasty little burst opposite that a couple of weeks ago, leading off the Lovelace Bridge at the bottom of the byway and heading up towards Bingo Bongo Dave.

    Boxhill has its fair share; Hairway to Steven, from Brockham practically straight up is just nasty. There’s a murderous wee beastie from the Betchworth end leading up to the water tower.

    And either of the climbs on Ranmore heading away from the end of Wire in the Blood. Landrover is doable but needs a bit of fortitude as it ramps up and gets rooty at the top.

    Last for now, simply the rooty section up to Leith Hill Tower. A mixture of loose and firm rock on one side, and absolute spider web of roots on the other. Start off Coldharbour Lane or the bottom of Lust for Life if you want to extend it and make sure you’re out of energy before the tech starts.


Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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