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  • Tears at both end of the Santa spectrum
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    16 and 13 here, believing stopped too many years ago, but the spirit remains. Pretty meh! on the present front this year, mostly cash and vouchers, but MrsMC picked up 3 cheap radio controlled cars at the last minute Christmas Eve, cue half an hour of delighted childish giggling while we recreated Fast & Furious 3 round the living room floor

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    Ours are 9 and 6.

    I think this could well be the last year the big yin believes, which is a pity as Santa brought her a very nice MET helmet.

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    Much to our surprise my 10 year old nephew not only claims to still believe but has been telling everyone how he woke up in the middle of the night with an empty stocking, looked away for a moment and then it was full. He’s possibly doing it for the benefit of his younger brother, for the presents or genuinely does believe. But this year there has been far less of the normal writing letters to santa and putting reindeer food out so it isn’t as full on as it has been.

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    Are you a dwarf? 😆

    The clues in the name, not quite but very nearly ‘🤣

    You could have kept up the appearance. I once coached a kid who was 6 feet 8 at age 13. His elder sister at 14 had already cleared 6 feet aswell

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    Only just had time to look at it properly now, but our 16 year old gave us a digital photo frame.

    And he’d preloaded a memory stick with all the photos of him and his sister off our external hard drive, so hundreds of pics up till they were aged 12 and 9 that we haven’t seen in years. So many memories of events, trips, activities, friends and family, some now gone.

    Awesome present

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    I say this every year for the last few but here goes again.

    He is real. Maybe not as a person, but as a feeling, or an attitude, or a spirit. Just because we can’t see or touch something doesn’t mean it’s not real.

    When they were younger IMHO it was OK for my kids to believe in a person and as they grew older and stopped believing that, the wife and I explained that in fact, we are Saint Nick. We bring the presents and fill the stockings, and that makes us part of him and him part of us. And now they’re old enough to understand they too are part of it, and in time they’ll fill the stockings for their kids and enjoy being Saint Nick and enjoy the happiness it brings the kids.

    My parents are elderly and my mum in particular is fading quite fast now. She had a great day yesterday with her grandkids and family around her, and I don’t know if we’ll have many more if any. Saint Nick brought us together to do that and I defy anyone to tell me the happiness on her face wasn’t real.

    That smile IS Saint Nick made real.

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    I have just eaten half a carrot

    Yep, me too 😀

    Washed it down with Santa’s mince pie and Glass of port.
    Weird mix but strangely pleasant.

    (Hope the big fella doesn’t kick off when he gets here and there’s nothing left!)

    The mince pie went back in box (I’d already had two). The rabbit got the carrot; I just nibbled the end to provide the necessary teeth marks, and had the glass of lukewarm milk as a chaser.

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