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  • Sorry if this has been posted and I have missed it , and search didnt throw anything up.

    Been listening to the test transmission at work. If you like rock / metal its really rather good. BMTH , AC/DC , Sabbath , BFMV, Motorhead , SOAD all the usual suspects really. Little loud for the workplace really but makes a refreshing change from Katy Parry and Just-in Beemer


    6Music were playing Zeppelin this morning. No mainstream pop stuff there.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Bugger, recently changed cars to one without DAB, I’d have been all over that.

    I had to think about “BMTH” though. (-:


    Caught it a few days ago – pretty damn good !
    In fact , its going on now …

    Premier Icon hatter

    Just gave it a try, bugger me they’re only playing Pantera followed by The Sword, Ooooooo color me impressed!

    Much as I love Planet Rock there’s any some much Emerson Lake and Palmer one man can take.

    Come on chaps make it happen, need something hefty and Bieber-free that isn’t stuck in 1978!

    *strokes beard in approval*

    It’s the love child of the ex rock radio boss, otherwise known as Moose. he’s a thoroughly decent guy and really funny and interesting. most off the decent people left what is now real xs and created Team Rock radio, it’s what Rock radio Manchester was supposed to become but wasn’t allowed to.

    i’d highly recommend you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll quickly become part of the family.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Heh, I remember listening to Moose. Cool.

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Sounds like Arrow Rock, but even better… shall check it out.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I used to listen to Arrow Rock, then Planet Rock, but the problem with classic music stations is that nothing new ever comes on!

    Streaming live as well on the ‘tinterweb


    Well posted OP, listening now after finally settling the ‘dustbin lids’ to sleep 8)

    Premier Icon kimbers

    good shout OP am liking it a lot!

    Premier Icon househusband

    Over the last few days I’ve managed to find it on three out of four DAB radios in the house – a reasonable result!

    Premier Icon ricardo666

    Thankyoufortheheadsuponthisone…sorrybutthespacebarisbuggeredonmykeyboard 🙂

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Its good.

    Although i thought the playlist on saturday a little odd.

    Slayer (angel of death) immediately followed by Thin Lizzy.


    Great shout OP, listened to this a lot recently especially on a 9 day decorating binge. Such a relief after listening to planet rock for years and becoming dog tired of the 600 (or whatever) tracks which they consider the entire canon of 40 years of rock music, plus y’know I like Metal, anathema to Planet Rock. Even laughed heartily in the shower this morning at Steel Panther’s “Community Property”.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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