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    i never put milk (of any kind!) or sugar in any tea except for chai, which must be milky and sweet at all times.

    i can’t drink turkish or moroccan mint teas because they’re way too sweet.

    and yeah, what juan said. if you’re making tea with a bag, never squeeze the bag or let it brew for too long. they’re both a sure fire way to a bitter cup of rubbish.


    I genuinely can’t understand sugar in tea, or coffee. I know some people like it like that (up at Altcar ranges the other weekend and saw our Ops guy but a half a dozen sugars in his coffee…) , but it is just not for me. I like the tatse of it au naturelle, but with a dash of milk. Too milky and it is ruined.

    I used to work at an old council highways lab and they had team at 10am and 3pm every working day. People would take it in turns to make the tea and then everyone would head out to the loading bay for a smoke, a chat, or just a brew. I’ve tried to get the same sort of vibe at work, and we do generally break for tea at 3, but it’s not the same. The Flavia machine just does not make tea. It makes brown tea-like water.

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    milk? in tea?


    Premier Icon Cougar

    Sugar? In tea? Weirdo.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Coffee would kick tea’s head in in a fight.

    That’s the kind of thing a coffee drinker would say.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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