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  • mikey74

    I feel I don’t drink enough tea, therefore: Are they all much of a muchness, or are some bags superior to others? I note from one newspaper story that supermarket own brands scored quite highly, compared to posher brands.

    Note: I’m not looking for posh, loose-leaf teas, as I really can’t be bothered. Just bog standard kettle, water, mug, splash of milk-type affairs 8)


    Sainsbury red label are good as are the lidl ones… Can’t beat Yorkshire for a cup of builders tho


    Yorkshire Gold

    End of thread.


    Waitrose Assam or Ceylon tea are rather good. Loose tea preferred.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Yorkshire tea is the tops.


    Yorkshire for builders.
    Red label for site box/back up.
    End of thread

    Yorkshire Tea in this house.

    The other one I’m partial to, introduced to it by my wife who grew up in Africa and is virtually addicted to it, is Rooibos Earl Grey. Mmmmm.


    I go away to another forum for 5 minutes and return to find 7 replies: I’m obviously in the right place 😀

    Sainsbury were one the article mentioned. It sounds like there’s a lot of love for Yorkshire [tea].


    Sainsbury Kenyan.
    Yorkshire Gold.

    Premier Icon tommytowtruck

    Yorkshire or Twinings everyday for tea bags. If you have the time, a pot made with some nice leaf tea is a marvellous thing. Hmmmm, tea…….

    In the south west, Miles’ tea.

    Anywhere else, clipper all the way.

    I sometimes think my blood must be 50% tea…

    Premier Icon fadda

    Glengettie in this house.

    It’s Welsh, strangely….

    Premier Icon Drac

    I think I’ll need to print off this thread when I go to ‘burys on Sunday 🙂

    Thanks for all the contributions.


    Yorkshire tea in this house


    Sainsburys Assam here.

    Premier Icon DezB

    It sounds like there’s a lot of love for Yorkshire [tea]

    Find it over-rated and quite bland myself.
    Prefer Tetleys, Assam and Thompson’s Punjana


    Redbush here. No milk. No sugar. No caffeine. Being self righteous tastes disgusting 😐

    Yorkshire for standard cuppa but do like a Twinings Earl Grey. Lapsang Souchong if you like your Islay whisky!

    Ringtons. Either Extra Fresh, Connoisseur or Kenyan Gold.


    Yorkshire Gold normally, but I’ve been enjoying Twinnings yellow box ‘everyday’ recently.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Using a teapot is more important than having a slightly better quality tea bag.

    No real taste difference between bagged tea and loose if made in a pot.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Yorkshire Gold for me, or a nice Earl Grey. If making tea in a pot, Sri Lankan Orange pekoe is flippin lovely (my in laws send it over).

    Twinings a everyday for me. More important to make it properly though. Pour boiling water on the bag as its still boiling. Only add the milk after you’ve brewed the tea and removed the bag.


    Yorkshire bags
    Oolong for infusion

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Twinings Darjeeling


    Coffee in the morning, tea after 12, down south (hard water) Yorkshire, oop norf (soft water) PG,
    LoL @Wrecker 😀 the Mrs get on the redbush high horse now and then, doesn’t last long cos its minging!

    Waitrose English Breakfast. Someone on here suggested it. I’m a convert from Twinings. Leave the bag in the cup for at least 5 minutes, and the tiniest splash of milk.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Ok. You say you don’t want faff, but. All tea bags are basically crap tea.

    Get one of these.


    It’ll let you use loose leaf tea with next to no faff, it’s the convenience of a teabag, brew as such and then shake into the bin when done.


    Hi, I rarely post – but I do have some work-based knowledge on this subject! And, Blindmelon is correct! Thompson’s Punjana is unbeatable.


    Cheers! T

    Rooibos Earl Grey. Mmmmm.

    ^ this. I get my caffeine from coffee but drink mostly tea. We buy Tick Tock brand Earl Grey Roobois in bulk online. It goes very well with a splash of Koko milk and sugar IMO. I do like regular black tea, plainor earl grey – but given the choice redbush hit the spot for me after the first few tries.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Assam – posh builder tea lovely golden colour and strong flavour don’t drink it all the time as it needs a little break from it to really appreciate how good it is.

    I also like /rate

    Earl and Lady grey – no milk
    Sainsbury’s red label as above
    Rooibos which isn’t strictly tea
    Lifeboat tea is quite a nice brew

    Some are acquired tastes.

    Try a range of stuff.

    I personally can’t stand Tetley or Typhoo, not keen on twining everyday (something nearly everyone else I know likes) but like a lot of their others.

    What I’m trying to say is your pallet and preferences may vary so experiment and change brands and tea types to get the most from it (like wine or proper beer variety is best :-))

    Rooibos Earl Grey. Mmmmm.
    ^ this. I get my caffeine from coffee but drink mostly tea. We buy Tick Tock brand Earl Grey Roobois in bulk online. It goes very well with a splash of Koko milk and sugar IMO.

    WTF? Earl Grey is bad enough but Earl Grey with Koko milk?

    Tea that tastes like Sun screen. Yum!

    WTF? Earl Grey is bad enough but Earl Grey with Koko milk?

    Lol, there’s no accounting for taste! Try it before you knock it. I promise you it’s not the same deal as custard and sardines (ie no need to try until knocked)

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    where you live and what the water is like has a massive difference on which brands taste good.

    I find the brands that taste good with the super soft water at home taste pretty rubbish at my parents where the water is harder. and it seems to work visa versa too.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Chrisdw so true nearly all tea drunk at my parents place is vile. The water there is so hard you have to chew a glass of water.


    Down south. It’s fairly hard water here.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Maybe that’s why the true taste of Yorkshire Tea isn’t obtained in my chalky area.


    I’m a proper tea ponce but the truth is you need to try some different options and see what you like, and different teas suit different moods and times of day so the only solution is an entire cupboard full of various leaf from all over and experiment

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    rooibos is rank

    assam or nothing for me

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I can speak with some authority on this subject, generations of tea drinkers in my family have passed down their knowledge. Firstly chuck those tea bags in the bin or on the compost heap. Secondly get a water filter, use a china tea pot and add loose tea to it – Sainsbury’s Red Label is quite acceptable. Milk first obviously and don’t forget to use a tea strainer.


    Yorkshire. But imported English ones, not the “adapted for the Australian market, smaller tea bags as Aussies don’t like a proper brew” sh!t we have on our shelves here in Perth. They’re half the size! Any time I get the relos over they cram as many into their cases as they can fit.

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    Another Yorkshire tea fan here, in a teapot with filtered or bottled water if i can be bothered, I’m a southerner and the water in my area generally requires a knife and fork.

    This with granary toast, buttered and marmite and I’m a content man.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    A range from here
    All loose leaf, made with a variety of implements to hold said leaves and dispose easily. Wonderful stuff.
    Current fav is the London Breakfast
    Nice smokey taste but not as strong as a Russian Caravan
    Sydney Breakfast is a close second

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