Tea and Cake in the Q’s on a Sunday…..Where?

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  • Tea and Cake in the Q’s on a Sunday…..Where?
  • Where’s best for a cup of Tea and a cake on a Sunday in the Quantocks now?
    I take the Tea wagon at Holford won’t be there?


    I think the pub at Holford (400 yards down the road from where the tea wagon stops on the A39) is MTB aware!

    Aware or Beware 🙂


    I’ve not been in there while on the MTB but did have a post ride pint in there last year – I think knottie said that they did tea & cake at lunch times.
    Or you could drop down east from Dowsborough to Nether Stowey via Bin combe – went down that way with Sharki a few weeks back.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I miss Stella.

    I miss Stella too!! That’s why I’m all confused.

    Cheers Mark, Wouldn’t normally be that bothered, but doing a Billy no mates, so be nice to keep it all civilized like.


    What time & where you starting?
    I’ve got a wedding do to go to in about 20 mins – I might venture up there if its a hangover friendly time – read not to early!

    11 Crowcombe….ish???


    If you make it midday then I’ll be there! Crowcombe park gate left carpark
    email me your number – got to go – taxi waiting!

    Texting you now, presuming I still have your No.
    Should be fine, Cheers

    Just pitch up at what used to be Stellas and demand tea & cake! You never know, might work!

    Shame its gone now

    Actually….. if we all did that, they might see a business opportunity……on the other hand I suspect the new owners consider us filthy oiks bespoiling their weekend retreat!


    take your own tea and cake ! lol

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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