TdF Stage 21 – Around The Arc-de-Triomphe [Spoilers]

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  • TdF Stage 21 – Around The Arc-de-Triomphe [Spoilers]
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    You actually thought it was ‘too quick’?

    I thought it was racing, they’re meant to go quick…


    I’ll add to the thanks for RealMan – In the past, I had time to geek up on stages beforehand but these days I don’t and these threads have been brilliant for getting the gist of the stage beforehand. It’s also a pretty much guaranteed way to get that information without spoilers if you just read the first page as the spoilers came later.

    So, a big beer going out to real man. Chapeau 🙂

    Tom B

    I didn’t think that it was ‘too quick’…it was run off very quickly compared to previous years though….given that the organisers were hoping that they would finish in darkness then I’m guessing that they were faster than predicted….


    ITV aren’t known for the scheudling prowess but given they had scheduled the program to finish at 9pm and the stage only finished just before that I’d have thought the final stage was about on schedule.



    Just saw the topless photo of Froome on p. 1.

    He looks like an old man’s hand.

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    Vuelta from 24 August
    Tour of Poland from 25 August
    Tour of Britain from 15 September
    Worlds from 22 September

    Might have to get out and ride in August then 😯

    Edit – some more here but conflicts with Tour of Poland date?


    Doesn’t the Tour of Poland start on Saturday 27th July?

Viewing 7 posts - 201 through 207 (of 207 total)

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