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  • TdF Highlights anywhere online??? (Overseas?)
  • Garrghhh… it’s doing my head in this. The greatest Tour of all time (probably) and all I can see of it is a silly 3 minute edit narrated by some bored French woman who sounds as if she’s announcing the station stops on a train.

    I’m in Sweden at the mo’… is there any way I can see something of this TdF?

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    I’m using Chrome and an extension called Hola Unblocker, which allows me to watch ITV player.

    Thanks guys!!

    aaah, so frustrating. I want to see the bits where he and team Sky do their thang and drop the rest of the contendors one by one. I eventually find a video showing some actual cycling and they cut in just as he drops the last one. Then follows 5 very tedious minutes of Froome cycling up a hill on his own.

    Crap editing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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