TdF Grand Depart – Where will you be stood?

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  • TdF Grand Depart – Where will you be stood?
  • Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Working until 2pm so I’ll be on Huddersfield bloody ringroad for stage 2. πŸ™

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Will be watching it at the Cote de Midhopestones Parking between Penistone and Oxspring. Quick blast in on the TPT and then a morning up onto Cutgate and back to watch it pass before going back


    Stage 1: Riding from Headingley to Harewood area for the start, then mebbe train to Harrogate to see the finish
    Stage 2: Wandering into Leeds city centre for the Yorkshire Bike Show and to watch the stage on a big screen, probably with a pint of Magic Spanner in hand.

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    Stage 1: TV
    Stage 2: On the A59 between York and Knaresborough as I’m marshalling.
    Keeping fingers crossed they pick me as a flag marshall.
    Into York afterwards to meet up with family.

    Got to get to my meeting place by 6am, so have to be out the door by 5am for a relaxed early morning ride there.

    Premier Icon faustus

    Stage 1 Keighley fan hub
    Stage 2 Cragg Vale

    Putting up a tent in the rain on Friday night πŸ™


    Stage1 – Otley with the family (staying just off the high street at friends).
    Stage2 – family free so thinking of ridding from manc to Holme Moss to stand in the rain with 60000 other idiots

    Winter bike with fenders and a pannier maybe called for so I can bed in for the day.


    Day 1 – work so hopefully an online stream of some sort
    Day 2 – Woodhead somewhere, hopefully somewhere I can escape before the crowds do so I can get home quick

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Day 1 Home in front of TV
    Day 2 Somewhere in Harrogate – out in support of Ambulance Service so need to get to the ambulance station at some ungodly hour. Looking at routes and road closures could be interesting journey in.


    Roads on and near the route are closed at 6.30am.
    Cars will be towed away!
    Be aware if planning to drive over to routes you may still have quite a walk/cycle.

    Sunday: Planning to drive to Todmorden then cycle canal side to Hebden Bridge/Mytholmroyd.




    Going to avoid Holme Moss for fairly obvious overcrowding reasons. May give the Midhopestones climb a look, but still unsure.


    keng38 – Member
    Roads on and near the route are closed at 6.30am.

    Not necessarily the case, for example most shut at 0730 in Kirklees.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Sat – Harewood house for the Festival of cycling with the family
    Sun – TV


    Local farmers looking to charge a tender to park in a field, but you have to arrive before 6:30??

    Is this being overhyped a bit?


    not sure of the have to arrive before 6.30,one im trying to get to is charging Β£10 a car tho..


    Day 1: New Forest after the Wight ferry sportive
    Day 2: Home on Eurosport
    Day 3: At the start as a day glo Tour Maker πŸ™‚

    1: going up north to see family – so ITV2 for me may only get the highlights.

    2: col de holme moss. not sure where or how difficult it will be to get there, but only riding bikes from my folks house in brockholes so shouldn’t be too bad.

    Very much looking forward to it!


    Stage 1 – Ripley, between 5 & 10 km out from finish
    Stage 2 -probably skipton road stray, but possibly Blubberhouses
    Stage 3 – the Mall

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Sat: somewhere on A61 not too far away, in or near Leeds

    Sun: prolly telly


    Oh, tonight, I was stood by the University for the start of the Opening Parade.

    Cav didn’t look that cheerful:

    Geraint seemed to be more interested in filming the crowd:

    (A few more pics HERE)

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Somewhere near Skipton? Gonna ride up the Leeds-Liverpool – is this a good plan? Anyone want to join me and a mate [if he’s free] riding from Bradford. We’ll not be in a great hurry πŸ™‚

    Is there an ETA for Skipton?

    Is that where we are going wrong not wearing converse and Nike!!


    Stage 1: Aysgarth
    Stage 2: Woodhead, we’re parking near Silkstone, going up from there on the road bikes. I think the roads’ll be closed to motors from Penistone onwards, so it’ll be a steady bimble up the hill(s).


    In the pics they didn’t feel the need for lids?
    That’s a great example to set for the kids. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


    1. The headrow with the family. Possibly with a trip somewhere else en route if the kids aren’t too whingy.

    2. Either TV or maybe a stop off on the way home from leeds.


    1. Burley in Wharfedale with family, and then maybe on to Ilkley for the ‘fun park’

    2. Well the weather could be a bit crap at min so maybe TV or on a secret up hill section out of Keighley that no one else ever will know about

    Premier Icon CHB

    Depart: VIP area in Millenium square, Leeds (sorry couldn’t resist!)
    Sunday: Working at Harewood House cycle festival.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Ey Up, t’ R’ogate lyke.


    Burley in Wharfedale to watch the race then walk into Ilkley for a few beers and a bit of atmosphere πŸ˜†


    Stage 1: Birmingham, watching TdF on t’telly, plus footy, plus F1 qualy.
    Stage 2: Birmingham, watching TdF on t’telly, plus F1 race.
    Stage 3: Birmingham, watching TdF on t’telly, maybe play with bikes.
    Stage 4: Birmingham, watching TdF on t’telly, plus footy.

    By Wednesday I’m going to be gagging to get outside. πŸ™‚


    Somewhere near Skipton? Gonna ride up the Leeds-Liverpool – is this a good plan? Anyone want to join me and a mate [if he’s free] riding from Bradford. We’ll not be in a great hurry

    Is there an ETA for Skipton?

    Around 12.30 to 1.00 for the riders and Caravane about 10.50

    Hoping to do Skipton too along Leeds/Liverpool but setting off from Leeds

    Wife currently has a place in Halifax so that will be the base for the weekend then ride the shortest distance each day (as she’ll be in tow).

    I’m thinking stage 1 – Ilkley or Addingham. Stage 2 – Hebdon Bridge.

    Premier Icon justinbieber

    Err… Glentress for a mates stag do. πŸ˜€


    from the support bus 8)

    Premier Icon miketually

    Stage 1 on a big screen in sight of the base of the Cote de Grinton Moor.
    Stage 2 on the TV at home.
    Stage 3 on the PC at work.


    Stage 2: its coming through my village! So hopefully at the top of “Cote de Ripponden” (Rippy New Bank.) Will be popping out every hour or so to see how busy its getting.
    First few tents arrived last night in local farmers fields.
    Should be a good day (weather permitting)

    Premier Icon lunge

    Day 1 – London, waiting to start my London to Paris ride
    Day 2 – Outskirts of Paris I hope
    Day 3 – Either still in Paris asleep or perhaps on a train home.

    TdF Grand Depart – Where will you be stood standing?


    Stood on the back of a flatbed truck up Cragg Vale.

    Bit of a do at the Little Valley Brewery afterwards

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