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  • Premier Icon MussEd

    Good: as mentioned riding the closed roads up to Holme Moss, being cheered by huge crowds en route. The scenery and weather, and above all the amazing atmosphere. Unreal.

    Bad: a fat route steward on our return sitting on a wall, turning to her colleague having given me the once over grovelling up a hill in Huddrrsfield and saying “you get some right odd shapes cycling these days” nearly got off and hailed a taxi there and then. Oh and the hills barely a bit of flat between our start point on Denholme and Holme Moss. Then had to go back up!

    Ugly: see the steward’s comment above.

    Premier Icon faustus

    I particularly liked the police car playing the ‘allo ‘allo theme tune on repeat from their PA system!

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Good – pretty much everything, the atmosphere, friendliness and banter at the top of Kidstones, the massive chant of ‘chips, chips, chips’ as the McCain van came past, the little kid with his dad roared all the way to the top by the crowd, seeing Jens blasting through in the breakaway. Even the Dales weather put on a show, with the breeze and clouds making the landscape look utterly beautiful.

    Bad – nothing! Even queuing off the climb on my bike afterwards was a laugh, and when some rambler complained about the lack of bells on bikes, a copper within earshot put HIM in his place, informing him it wasn’t a legal requirement! 🙂

    Ugly – I presume completely skipping Keighley town centre on the ITV coverage took care of that one.


    Good: my dad getting a smile from Jens when he shouted “shut up legs” as he absolutely fly by. Stupid I know but I had no idea just how fast they go!!!

    Bad the traffic and the car breaking down and waiting 5 hours for the breakdown man

    Ugly: my dad in his bright yellow tee shirt ( shame)

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    It was like Apocalypse Now as they approached Cote de Greetland


    Good , The whole TDF experience. Plodding along the route from Blubberhouses to Bolton Abbey turn off , with thousands of other cyclists, dads mums and sons in matching gear, brilliant!!!

    Bad, As said midges, my body aroma must attract anything that bites bar women!!

    Ugly, Seeing grown men diving around beating kids to all the TDF freebie tat that the caravans were throwing out pre-race, have a word with yourselves!!


    Good: everything

    gooder: the massive crowd at my ‘secret spot’ – 5,000 happy people makes for quite a nice atmosphere.

    gooderer: every bunch that went past got a louder cheer than the one before.

    bad goodererer: a bit of yorkshire sunburn.

    Thanks le Tour, you’ve left us with loads of happy memories, and the roads of the Sheffield Alps are now beautifully smooth!


    Good – General Atmosphere all day, cheering of police motorbikes. At bedtime my eldest son (3 1/2) saying his favoutite thing about the day was milking the pretend cow, followed by that ‘one day me and you Daddy will rideup that hill (Cote de Bradfield) and everyone will be shouting ‘allez’ at us. So, if in 3 years time everyone can get back on the hill to cheer us up, that would be great!

    Bad – Maybe the drive home, but had 6music on playing cycling inspired songs, so it wasn’t that bad.

    Ugly – The guy who decided to get an early jump on the crowd and ride up the course, but didn’t realise half the race was yet to pass.


    Good- stayed at Lower Bradfield cricket club hosted by Planet X, £2.20 a pint and everyone really up for it, watching the 5 helicopters approaching from the distance and just the pure speed of watching the peloton come up Cote de Bradfield and climb that had taken me 3 times longer and i struggled to walk down!

    Plus the biggest cheer was for a gent, the marshals having moved the crowds to either side of the road, trying to get his mobility scooter up a 22% gradient with a huge Yorkshire flag on the back whilst a UCI car was stuck behind him.

    Bad – Nothing at all of the day itself, just the usual shonky TV commentating.

    Ugly – Nothing really, great day, great weather and for the amount of people having a beer crammed into quite a tight space, everyone was pretty well behaved.


    The good: The people, the support, the amount of pride and effort that the towns had shown. The effort people made to understand the sport. All of it really.

    The bad: my numb arse after 3 hours sat on cobbles.

    The ugly: Can’t think of anything.

    The best bit of the whole thing: The massively excited toddler in a TdF cap running over to his mum and asking if I was Chris Froome on my commute this morning. Naturally I stuck my elbows out and spun off in as low a gear as I could manage.


    Good – everything: Getting pulled over by a French Gendarme whilst trying to get to Hebden Bridge isn’t something that happens everyday.

    Better – Seeing a Jens Voight attack in the flesh.

    Best – Uploading my GPS to find I had a Strava top ten on a PMU Sprint, beaten by Laurens ten Dam, Niki Terpstra and Jérémy Roy… Didn’t realise I was in the points for the Green Jersey!

    Premier Icon brassneck

    The best bit of the whole thing: The massively excited toddler in a TdF cap running over to his mum and asking if I was Chris Froome on my commute this morning. Naturally I stuck my elbows out and spun off in as low a gear as I could manage.

    Stare at your stem, that’ll convince em

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Probably the only bad bit is day three isnt the Wolds, Moors and coast with a finish in Hull.


    Another flashback: the guy in a polka dot gimp suit running alongside me shouting encouragement as I sneaked up the climb at Oxenhope.

    How the hell pros manage to keep a straight face is beyond me!

    The good

    Paying half price to get into Harewood
    Random people commenting and taking pics of my Coppi
    The cycle up to Harrogate afterwards with Tom and Tony
    Meeting people, making new friends
    The Red arrows
    Free parking Ladybower, Cycle up Snake pass, down to Glossop, then the sting to get up to Holme Moss
    Bacon, sausage and egg butty in Glossop
    Atmosphere up at Holme Moss
    Cheering the kids up
    The race
    The lone of a track pump on my way back when i punctured in Glossop
    The ride back up and down snake pass

    The bad

    Nothing worth noting

    The Ugly

    having to miss full english because i had an early start!


    Good – I was in Liverpool 😈

    Bad – getting from the Peak to Stockport.

    Ugly – the attitude of some real cockwombles in cars to cyclists as we passed through crowds of cyclists – no patience. It took us longer to get from the Hope Valley to Stockport than from Stockport to Liverpool, but we just gave everyone loads of room and space. Saw riders forced into the gutter, insane overtaking of groups and no patience for slow riders. Amazingly some of the worst culprits had bikes on the roof or on the back of their cars.

    There were a couple of dumb riders who cheerily tried to wave us into oncoming cars or over double whites on blind bends, then got annoyed whe I didn’t overtake! Appreciate the thought chaps but I’ll wait until I can see it’s clear thanks.

    Mates who went said it was fantastic but Uni visits took priority. Would have loved to have seen it.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    The good(s):
    Getting to see the TDF twice, in the flesh and in Yorkshire
    The amazing atmosphere in Leeds on saturday
    The amazing atmosphere in Hudds centre on sunday
    The Sikh’s handing out free bhajis and drinks to the crowd at the bottom of Edgerton road in Hudds. A lovely thing to do and the Bhajis tasted amazing!
    My friends amazing catch of a box of Yorkshire Tea
    The weather

    The bad:
    People not saying thank you when handed the free food and drink by the Sikhs mentioned above. Manners cost nowt!

    My hangover having been drunk since friday

    The ugly:
    My own attempted catch of a box of yorkshire tea. Nearly took my eye out

    Premier Icon cliffyc

    Bit rough complaining about (free) ITV4 coverage interupted by ads,no ads = no ITV4!. I don’t mind Liggett and Sherwin as they are having to fill dead air all through the race and it can sound odd in an edit….. . Fantastic event all the same perfect conditions and great scenery and crowds!. 😀

    Premier Icon dazh

    I was on Blackstone Edge and the atmosphere was great. As I suspected it seemed like every mountain biker within riding distance was taking the same route up there via the Pennine Way/Bridleway. The race itself passed through pretty uneventfully, which not much racing going on, which is understandable that early on in the stage so that made the crowds even more amazing. Best bit was probably the young lad on his mountain bike being cheered up the hill.

    Only negative was some miserable sod who complained about his view of the publicity caravan being blocked and that we should go and stand somewhere else.

    How much nicer is Hebden Bridge with no cars clogging it up? They should close the roads more often.


    Good – the atmosphere
    Talking to strangers
    Non cyclists digging the sport
    Nice family atmosphere and the sharing of stuff
    Two polka dot hats for JY junior – one given by an elderly man so they could have a matching pair
    Weather – never expected that.

    The Bad – its not every year

    the Ugly – Nope

    Premier Icon buck53

    So, if in 3 years time everyone can get back on the hill to cheer us up, that would be great!

    I’m there.


    Good- getting a police motorcycle lead out by two coppers on motocross bikes up through the Cote de Bradfield to the 20k banner. Then big-ringing it all the way to Jenkin Hill, grinding up that to cheers and cow bells. Dropping Sky replica kitted guys on race weapons on my basic CX bike with knobblies on. Seeing all kinds of people on bikes having fun, especially the kids being cheered on up the ‘Cotes’.

    Bad – ending up trapped in Meadowhall as they started closing the roads. Roads opening up to traffic too soon for my liking after the event.

    Ugly – nearly getting run off the road coming up to Bradfield by a link bus and over eager car drivers.

    Why aren’t people that exuberant the rest of the time?!


    The good: Just bloody everything! One of the best weekends ever!! The absolutely fantastic atmosphere. The joyous way Yorkshire whole-heartedly embraced the whole thing.

    Bad: Nothing. Stop moaning FFS you whiney middle class cockbags


    Amazing weekend – absolutely brilliant from start to finish.


    Good: Everything! Loved cutgate on the way home, massive line of bikers going over the moors, proper nomadic!

    The choppers! Like apocalypse now, just unreal.

    Bad: nasty shower on cutgate.

    Ugly: nowt!


    The good: all of it, Holme Moss atmosphere was electric and getting behind the last police wagon for a clear run down to woodhead was amazing, sure half the folk thought I was in the race, 17th fastest on strava and 20s behind tour riders posted times, 3 miles at over 40mph hitting 52mph!

    The bad: the bike traffic jam on woodhead but that was just crazy in itself

    The ugly: getting my arse slapped by a woman who mistook me for her husband! Well could have been ugly!

    Top day!


    So, if in 3 years time everyone can get back on the hill to cheer us up, that would be great!

    I’m there.


    Thanks Buck53 – anyone else?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Good – All of it really!

    Seeing the huge mix of people on bikes heading over from Wycoller – the streams of people heading over the moors on the Bronte Way, the brilliant atmosphere, the weather.
    Oh, good race too!

    The Bad – Wish the full day’s coverage was available on the ITV player.

    The Ugly – Nothing springs to mind, though the sight of the Liverpool Mercury lads riding sime very expensive carbon road bikes over a very rocky footpath caused me to wince a little!


    Good – Riding up the Cote de Gray Saturday morning on closed roads, and the atmosphere at the top.
    Bad – Getting hit in the face with a frisbee at Velofest.
    Ugly – My face after being hit with a frisbee at Velofest.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Good. The pre ride to Midhop

    Everyone joining in to make it a great day

    No bad or ugly I can think of

    Premier Icon schnor

    Good. Best 12 hours in the saddle I’ve ever had. After the billion people came down buttertubs I went up / down (the pished group of 6/7 people with stripey tops and onions around their necks with the cow bells were ace!) then across the moors and down into kirkby stephen. Best atmosphere / chats to random people / views / countryside / descents ever.

    Was also nice to give someone, who was looking confusingly at his broken chain and his chain tool, my second spare 10spd wipperman link and get him on his way quickly (and by chance bumping into him again at the bottom of buttertubs).

    Bad. Overtakers. Never had so many (very considerate!) overtakes into blind bends before, how noone had a head on crash I’ve no idea. And of course the spanner in the 4×4 who just *had* to overtake me (I was nudging 50 as it was) half on the road / half on the grass verge on the descent into kirkby stephen. Wasn’t that bad though in fairness.

    Ugly. Deep-fried wensleydale in Hawes (the fish and chips were superb though). Not convinced TBH 😛 *awaits flaming by both wensleydale purists and lovers of deep-fried wensleydale*


    oldagedpredator – Member
    Probably the only bad bit is day three isnt the Wolds, Moors and coast with a finish in Hull.

    We wanted them to have a good time in Yorkshire, not leave with syringes in their wheels and the eternal reek of decaying cod in their nostrils… 😉

    Good: Cracking ride out to Harewood, red kites and Red Arrows along with the riders, nice ride back via Harewood bank and Eccup reservoir.

    Bad: Nowt.

    Ugly: The two daft idiot drivers on the way home who couldn’t possibly hold on for 10 seconds and just had to squeeze through next to a traffic island even when I was sat in primary position. So, nothing new.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Good- Staying with some close friends in Gunnerside, with amazing views over Cote de Buttertubs. Getting really close to the riders (safely behind a fence). The friendly, waving British motorbike police officers.
    People on bikes having a one of the best rides of their lives. The atmosphere.

    Bad- missing being with my Brother who was only metres away because we didn’t have mobile reception.

    Ugly- some idiot hire van driver(not from Yorkshire) overtaking dangerously with many cyclists and pedestrians on the road on a tight hilly bend at high speed.

    One of the best days of my life.


    The good – getting off the early train to Leeds on Saturday and seeing thousands of people pouring through the station and knowing it was going to be an amazing spectacle. Cheers on the Headrow for the riders signing on. Getting texts from mates at 8.30 in the morning describing the crowds already lining Scott Hall Road. Amazing atmosphere. On Sunday riding down the A59 from cote de Blubberhouses in a stream of happy people and bikes as far as the eye could see.

    The bad – Cav’s crash. Nuff said.

    The ugly – little bit of jostling for position in the crowd in Leeds, but that’s to be expected when you are close to the start line.

    Amazing weekend.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    Good – it’s not grim oop north, is it?

    Bad – not much, maybe Cav’s crash?

    Ugly – London. East end housing and industrial estates rarely look photogenic.



    Good: the whole weekend, Harrogate Saturday and roadside yesterday in Knaresborough. Fab caravan site very close to the locations. Weather, bunting and it was my 40th yesterday

    Bad: Cav’s crash and idiots without care for you or your kit as they wandered across the fan park.

    Ugly: Drivers round Harrogate on Friday as we rode through for a reccie, felt very unwelcome.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Good – The whole day (Sunday)

    Bad – Chris Froome looking at stems as he passed us on Cragg Vale

    Ugly – My rear mech as I rode into the car park

    At least it happened at the end of the ride


    Good: everything, every last bit. But a special mention needs to go to 4 pint jugs of Bradfield Brewery Yellow Jersey Ale on the Cote de Bradfield!

    And riding behind Nikki Terpstra and Jan Bakelants as they rode from Harrogate to their hotel after stage 1

    Bad: nothing

    Ugly: the fat bint who was hoisted onto her poor boyfriends shoulders just as they approached the finish in Harrogate, blocking the view I’d waited hours for. Nobs.

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