Tatty 06 reba race, disc and v brake version, short steerer and cheeeap.

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  • Tatty 06 reba race, disc and v brake version, short steerer and cheeeap.
  • Well, short-ish steerer, 178mm. That will be fine in a 100mm headtube but best measure just to be sure. I’ve just upgraded to yummy blackbox Sids for a yummy price, otherwise I would be keeping this fork as its is ace! And very well looked after from a servicing point of view.

    Pictures In this flick page.

    £110 posted, gifty/no fees paypal or bank transfer. I am a premier member, known to many on here and sold a bit on here before so I won’t be messing you around.

    2006 reba race, set at 100mm travel but can be dropped to 85mm if you put a spacer in (not included sorry) or extended to 115mm if you take out the one that is in at the moment.

    International standard disc mount faced at lbs with proper tool, hope pivot blank and hose guide fitted and original unused v brake bosses also included.

    Poploc lever and cable included, like all poplocs its a bit sticky at times and at other times not at all, I used a wider bore brake outer and lots of GT85 then grease just now so should behave itself for a bit.

    Motion control damping and externally adjustable floodgate works great and lockout is just as it should be (the compression cartridge allows about 5mm of travel when locked out and no more).

    Dual air so nice and adjustable (take the pressure settings with a pinch of salt, i always used 15psi less than reccommended for my weight), valves fine and hold air. I can’t remember putting a shock pump on it since the last time I serviced it.

    On its third set of seals and umpteenth lowers/oil service: last big service 18 months ago by tf tuned with all new seals/valves, uprated wiper and foam rings and a new seal head in rebound circuit. Oil changes twice since then, just done this afternoon and clean oil came out, foam rings still wet and clean (which is a good sign!).

    Stanchions are almost perfect: on servicing today I found a couple of tiny scratches which I can see in bright light but can’t really feel running a fingertip or fingernail over them. I have included photos from a 12mp camera in the flickr set, if you can’t find them in the photos its cos they really are that small.

    Looooooads of scratches and dings on the lowers, make no mistake these look pretty tatty! Paint was always a bit crap on earlier rebas/revs/recons and these are no exception, only saving grace is that the paint is nearly the same colour as the magnesium alloy underneath! I have photograped all over the lowers so you can see what you are considering buying…

    Crown is flat and smooth bar very superficial cable rub and a couple of little chips from old crown race removal, again 05/06/07 rockshox had steerers at the wider/more stubborn end of 1 1/8″ and, it is always a mission getting crown races on and off forks of that era. This 178mm (rather inexpertly cut 😳 ) steerer is anodised blue aluminium, and you will see from the pictures the rubbing/scoring on the back of the steerer from stooopid tapered bearing headset 👿 . It looks worse beacause it contrasts against the anodising, it is maybe 0.15mm into the thickest part of the steerer: there is a photo in the flickr set of the steerer in profile so you can see how superficial it is. As I mentioned its only a fancy fork upgrade that means I am selling; if I had another frame to fit it, I would very happily keep riding this fork.


    no leaks from moco side?

    and dibs please

    nope. funnily enough, none of the 8 motion control forks that have passed through the mr and mrs wilson bike collection ever have done so either, we must be well lucky!

    oh angryratio, consider yourself ‘dibbed’ (is that a word?) 😀


    Gonna have to revoke my interest, just a touch short in steerer on my inbred.

    nae worries.


    still got this?


    Hey don’t mean to bother, but saw no commitment to other purchaser. Am interested, still rockin the v brakes. Have Reba Team 2004 model, good fork still. Let me know, although I know this was posted approx 3 wks ago.

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