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  • Tattoo time again?
  • don simon

    So be individual and use your imagination.

    toe tattoo por kala y simon, en Flickr

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    rightplacerighttime – Member
    “Yes, we’re all individuals…..”

    “I’m not”


    Yes, we’re all individuals….

    or perhaps members of a tribe


    So much I could say, so difficult to not sound like king of the cliche.

    Each to their own never rang more true though.

    don simon

    If I can find someone to do the artwork for this and I can decide on size and location, I can see it being the next one.

    picassobullshead1942 por kala y simon, en Flickr

    I love Picasso, never really got the bullshead till recently. Years ago We saw it in the Picasso Museum were my art tutor was frothing at it’s genius, I preferred the sculptures made from toys and household objects. Babboon ones in particular, they were more complex, you could decode them, see what they were built from and how the unlikely objects locked. I like the bulls head now, it’s clean.

    i have just realised whose toes they are in the first pic…MINE


    ideally, a tattoo should compliment the form of the owners body and move/flow in harmony with the folds/curves etc.

    IMO, the OP jobbies appear to be stamped in place with little thought as to where it may actually enhance overall appearance (tricky with the subject matter) – but as long as it makes you happy, that’s what it’s all about really.

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)

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