Tasty non alcholic drinks for a bbq. (not cola or lemonade.)

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  • Tasty non alcholic drinks for a bbq. (not cola or lemonade.)
  • wobbliscott

    The best non-alcoholic beer according to my T-Total wife is the non-alcoholic version of Cobra. She doesn’t rate the non-alcoholic wines, but they’re not unpleasant, just not anything like wine.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Ginger beers are good.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Elderflower cordial. F-yes.


    Schloer is like a fizzy “wine” that tastes nothing like wine and not alcoholic

    Just get some Vimto 😉

    Tom B

    What time are you bbqing ton? We’ve got people coming over at 1 to try and beat the rain….not overly confident that we’re gonna make it!


    +1 Ginger Beer. Home made is best, otherwise Idris Fiery or the old jamaica stuff.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Dandelion & Burdock 😀

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Mix apple juice and ginger ale – very refreshing for this time of year

    Corporation pop!!!

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Chilled fizzy water with ice and a slice

    Premier Icon ton

    apple and ginger sounds good, and elderflower cordial.

    thanks for the idea’s.

    Aldi cloudy lemonade,it’s lovely.Hope the weather stays good for you,I’m supposed to be watching bands in Thornes Park this afternoon.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Ruby freaking Breakfast.


    4 parts apple juice, 1 part elderflower cordial, bash up a bit of mint and cucumber, good squeeze of lemon/lime juice. Maybe a bit of basil if you’re feeling exotic. Plenty of crushed ice and top up with soda water. Better with a good measure of Hendricks as well, but almost as good without.

    Premier Icon ton

    in Thornes Park this afternoon.

    in wakefield?
    you from wakefield mate?

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Had this dilemma as wife oath is pregnant. We found Eisberg Chardonnay (0.0%) in Morrisons. Was nice, actually does a good impression of wine. Also Bavaria 0.0% white beer is ace.

    Have you got mint or lemon balm in the garden? If so you could make some flavoured iced tea with them.


    Get the kids to make their own Citron Pressé?

    Or find someone with a sodastream, and borrow it for the afternoon, and pop down to a stockist for a few flavours.

    You can carbonate anything you like with a sodastream, so make your own ginger beer or cloudy lemonade then just “gas” it up as and when you need it.


    Cucumber water
    Iced Tea
    Home-made lemonade
    elderflower cordial but add strawberries

    Adding fruit like strawberries, raspberries, kiwi slices etc really help make them less boring visually and adding a bit of extra taste.

    Premier Icon ton

    any idea’s for a few non alcholic drinks for a bbq.
    got a load of folk coming round this arvo for the grandaughters birthday.
    quite a few are non drinkers, and dont just want to offer cola and such.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    erdinger alkoholfrei can be bought in most larger sainsburys and tescos. it’s by far the nicest tasting non-alcoholic beer (if you like weissbiers, that is!).

    ginger beer- fentimans. not the cheapest, but the best by a long way. it’s brewed rather than made like a fizzy pop, so it tastes more like a grown-up soft drink to me. in fact, any fentimans drinks (even the cola, it’s not like cola you know!)

    bottlegreen and belvoir cordials are all good.


    We do fizzy Ice Tea. We cold brew the Tea then strain to get the tannin out of it (through muslin) then add lime, sugar syrup, cucumber, mint lots of mint. We then top up the Tea with fizzy water to add the sparkle and Ice, not crushed Ice as it melts too quickly just the normal freezer chunks. Make sure it’s sweet though and you’ll find it disappears in about 2mins flat 😆

    Also, white sweet tea, again lots of mint and cucumber, sugar syrup, serve cold with ice.
    Or cold roobush tea, again over ice, sweet but with Ornages or mandarins sliced and either red berries or cherries.



    Apple and elderflower flavoured water I think, from Morrisons. Ran out of water in the car and my gf had left some so I had t drink something, after years of sneering at her flavoured waters it was bloody lovely.


    Elderflower cordial another vote
    Tonic water with slices of lemon plenty of ice
    Bitter lemon
    Soda water, ice and fruit juices

    erdinger alkoholfrei – another vote

    You can carbonate anything you like with a sodastream



    Def elderflower, jugs with slice and ice. Ginger beer for fizzists. Sorted.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Apple juice and elderflower with mint.

    Crush some fresh mint with caster sugar
    Add 500ml apple juice to jug
    Add 100ml elderflower cordial
    Add 600ml soda water

    Just before serving – add mint and stir well then add a lot of ice to each glass and pour.

    Kopperburg alcohol free cider isn’t too bad at all. Most big supermarkets seem to have it now

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Carbonated Milk? Carbonated Olive Oil? Carbonated still water? Carbonated yoghurt?

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Sorry didn’t realise my idea had already been posted.

    No,from Barnsley,but did my nurse training in Wakey,and still have lots of mates there,I’m over there a couple of times a week.Yes,it’s Thornstock weekend.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Lilt for that totally tropical taste.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Becks blue is the best of a very bad bunch of alcohol free beers.
    Tea goes with everything though.


    Sainsburys sell a nice alcohol free beer called Bavaria. Like the becks, its one of the better ones. Although Erdinger alcohol free wheat beer as really good to.

    Tonic water with Angostura bitters.

    My favourite non-alcoholic drink of all is San Pellegrino Chinotto though it’s a bit marmite.


    Tonic water with Angostura bitters

    ^this, + ice n a slice. Very good G+T substitute. I’m told an old medic in Edinburgh used to try and dry out BBC media soaks with this in the 80s

    Although to be massively pedantic in true STW fashion, Angostura bitters is alcoholic

    tonic + juice

    virgin mojitos
    EDIT beaten to it by DD


    Rock shandy.
    Half soda/lemonade angostura bitters big slice of lime squeezed.
    Not a fan of sugary drinks so if not having alcohol I have this with diet lemonade


    Not much fun without beer.


    Old fashion lemonade
    Ginger Bier
    San Pellegrino orange/lemon

    Or just go to a supermarket and wander down the soft drink isle. Sainsbury’s has a good selection of posh soft drinks.


    A few drops of Angostura Bitters and tonic

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