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  • Tarmac SL6 Mech Hanger
  • Premier Icon benmotogp46
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    My bike blew over in the wind today and now the gears are slightly out of sync (Di2). I suspect the mech hanger is bent.

    Its a 2019 Tarmac Pro Disc Sl6.

    Does anyone know what mech hanger I’ll need for this? I’ve Googled it but have different suggestions, etc…..

    Many thanks, Ben.

    Premier Icon orangeboy
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    Either get a hanger tool
    Or get it aligned.

    Even if you get a new hanger it’s best to check it with tool anyway

    Premier Icon benmotogp46
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    Managed to use an adjustable spanner to pull it out ever so slightly. Put the mech back on and went through the gears.

    Seems to be running fine but will be ordering a new one just to be on the safe side.

    Cheers guys.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    I knocked my Roubaix over last week and just stood it back up. I went out the following day and almost put the rear mech through the back wheel. After rining around no one had a rear hanger in stock and have to order an official one which will take over a week.

    But I did find a Pilo copy on Wiggle which I ordered and works fine.

    Premier Icon Blazin-saddles
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    You’d be better off getting the original one realigned as it can probably be saved, the 1st thing you should also do to a new hanger is align it as they’re rarely straight out of the packet.

    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    I build loads of bikes from new – quite a lot need the hangers aligned out the box, particularly 11 or 12 speed to get the gears to shift smoothly.

    Premier Icon Watty
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    Yep, it’s been said before, buy an alignment tool, worth every penny.

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