targeted adverts – not quite as clever as they think they are – or are they?

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  • targeted adverts – not quite as clever as they think they are – or are they?
  • Premier Icon Drac

    Do you visit

    Google knows everything


    I dunno, I get loads of adverts for hair replacement, penis extensions and loans. They seem spot on to me. nope

    actually, I may have visited in search of new drums…

    I’m Winston Smith, I am

    some of the targeted ads I’ve seen on here and other forums recently are quite clever. for example, I’ve got a new shed coming tomorrow, so I often see ads for sheds & other garden buildings; I’m a big fan of New Model Army, so to see ads for their new album is not entirely surprising

    however, I’ve just seen an ad in German. I’m not German, nor in a German speaking country, nor have I ever been to one, so why the German language ad?

    this is the clever bit…

    several hours ago, on my work laptop – not my home PC wot I’m using now – I used google translate to get the German equivalent of “Delivery Date”. “Lieferdatum”.

    WTF? 😯

    Premier Icon NJA

    They are not that clever. A couple of weeks ago I asked on here about a Microsoft Surface and did a bit of Googling. Sure enough the advert started to come up, so I clicked the link (you’re welcome STW least I could do) and bought one.

    Ever since then the advert has been ever present, if they were really good they would know I already have one!!!

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’m a big fan of New Model Army

    I’ve never noticed that! 😉


    I have an advert for ‘Dick McWhittington, The Scottish Pantomime Adventure’ no idea why.

    No, they’re not that clever.

    If they was actually that clever I’d just get adverts for Ale, Cheese, and Crisps, and with winter approaching an increased frequency of fine Port adverts.

    The last thing you advertise is a bike sale or GoPro. Maybe adverts for inner tubes and chains and the odd brake pad, which accounts for the entirety of my bike spending this year. I should actually be seeing adverts for softshell running jackets, but they aren’t there.

    I can understand why I’m getting this advert, but they still seem a bit of a generic blunderbuss approach rather than genuinely intelligent targeted advertising.


    if they were really that clever then the girl advertising tits tshirts would be there more often


    Don’t forget if you use GMail or any other Google service and are signed in to your Google Account whilst performing searches or posting on G+ etc then they can scrape that which will effect your ads wherever you’re signed into your Google account regardless of what machine you’re on.

    Personally I think they’re crap. They only advertise things I’ve recently searched for – the EXACT things.

    Chances are:

    1. I’ve already bought it.
    2. I’ve already decided I didn’t want it.

    Plus, it makes me all too aware i’m being tracked on the web and trying to be sold to – two things I don’t like.


    ^^^ this.
    oh, you’re advertising some shoes I already bought last week. yes, they are nice, I’m glad I bought them.

    hmm, I’m sick of looking at those shoes now, yet you keep shoving them in my face. I’m going to visit another site now.

    Premier Icon dazh

    I’ve also noticed the NMA album adverts everywhere since I bought it on ITunes on Monday (hello to all the other STW NMA fans BTW!). Trouble is it seems someone is now paying to advertise something to me that I’ve already bought so no, they don’t seem to be that clever.

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