tapered steerer too long for headtube!!!

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  • tapered steerer too long for headtube!!!
  • An external lower cup would extend things a little if you haven’t got one in there yet, Hope are nice as you’d expect.


    You could go to the shop that that other chap got his crown race fitted, that’d give you the few mm you need. 😉

    Cant fit an external lower cup as the frame has an interal inset bearing there.
    Only option I can think of is changing the top of the headset.


    What frame is it ?

    A medium canyon grand canyon 29er

    I recently was in the market for a new 29er fork, and settled on a set of white brothers loop’s (a bit different from the norm).

    They are great, ive been really impressed by the performance. However since fitting them, ive had issues with the headset coming loose during rides. After a full strip down I realised that the blue wedge which keeps my cane creek 40 inset headset all nice and tight is right ontop of the last few mm of the taper of the forks steerer. Keeping it from tightening fuly.

    The headtube is only 100mm or so hense the issue. So what are my options – new headset?
    Do hope headsets have a different tightening method etc…

    *yes the steerer is cut to the correct length


    I machined a raised crown race for someone on here to solve a similar problem I think.

    Hopeing I can get away with changing the top semi intergrated headset. But thatnks though.

    In the end I took the dremmel to the inside of the split compression ring – chamfering the edge so that it slides onto the taper rather than stopping – first ride today with no issues……

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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