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  • tandem on european trains?
  • anyone had experience of taking/booking tandems on european trains? my sister is planning a trip from amsterdam to [somwhere in] poland but wants to return to amsterdam by train when she’s done – i.e. train through poland, germany, netherlands.

    i’ve done a bit with a normal bike and it seemed very easy if you booked, but anyone done it with a tandem?



    im happy to be corrected but WRT to netherlands just the act of getting a tandem on the train will be hard on all the trains ive got on there (spent 6 months commuting amsterdam to den helder weekly) – they are the same dual level trains that they have around sydney in aus – stupid things if you happen to have luggage or a non folding bike

    poland shouldnt be an issue most trains there have guard carridges at the front.

    never been on a train in germany

    hmm trying to remember what the train was like for me.. came from somewhere in germany to rotterdam – i don’t _think_ it was double decker but i remember having to hang my bike up in a fairly compact space..

    i wonder if you could get a ferry(s)? there must be some routes through the baltic sea.. (the r1 route goes up near gdansk i think)

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    Shouldn’t be a problem in Germany as long as you avoid peak times, most trains have plenty of bike space, but could be difficult getting on and off when crowded.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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