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    Still got a Kyosho Lazer Alpha here on my shelf. Slowly fixing part attrition with a lathe and milling machine 🙂

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    Think the building would be just as enjoyable than the ‘driving’

    Is there a modern equivalent? Granted I’ve not really explored, but most of the ones I’ve seen are pre-built and “ready to race”, which to me seems a bit like buying a Lego set someone else has assembled for you.

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    i fancy one of those hilux’s too, but have you seen the price ?

    Yes, that’s why I haven’t got one, not exactly Mrs Feet compatible!!!

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    I’ve got a Fox and a Manta Ray. I had a fox previously when I was about 8 that my dad used to help me with but it eventually broke completely. Found my current one on eBay a couple of years after he passed away and just had to get it for the memories. Great little car and one that I won’t be parting with!

    I had a Hot Shot and it still looks cool, even 20 years on.

    My Super Sabre is exactly the same underneath but had an updated body to make it look more modern. It looks about as cool as Pat Sharp’s mullet 20 years on…


    I had a Hornet, Clodbuster and another Tamiya not sure which maybe Boomerang? Before getting a bit more serious and racing with a Schumacher CAT at the local club, they were in a different league…
    Also had a Mardave Meteor somewhere along the line.

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    Cougar, think pretty much all the Tamiya ones are available in kit form, which is the way to go. Much more satisfying building them up yourself!

    The 1/14 trucks are pretty cool too!


    WoW , some amazin memories there …
    started my RC journey with a ….. and in order i think

    Holiday buggy
    sand scorcher
    rough rider
    super champ and then hot shot :~)….

    had spells after those with a hirobo rock n vega !,kyosho scorpions, before the first Schumacher cats came out …… finished my electrics with associated RC10 …had others in between but cant remember them ! …
    RC racing was a big part of my child hood 😀


    Oh this brings back memories! 😀 I had a mardave apache and loved it, used it loads and loads racing them around on the street or nearby carparks. Had friends with tamiyas, one had a Hornet and another had…ooo errr a hot shot maybe. ahh good fun

    IIRC mine was blue….and I painted the driver’s helment in James Hunt’s colours


    I had a lunch box. The shell was so big, thick and heavy it made it properly slow.

    Then I got a dirt thrasher

    Then I discovered you could buy aftermarket shells and my dirt thrasher got slammed with shorter shocks and slick tyres with an Opel Manta replica shell.

    Happy days, I lost about 3 weekends to building these for other kids at school who were too dumb to follow the kit instructions… or maybe I was dumb not charging them!

    That race was mental, better than any F1 race by far! Makes me want to race again, raced at Spilsby Buggy Racing Club. My RC journey started with the
    Bigwig which my mate set on fire
    Tamiya hornet
    Tamiya lunchbox
    schumacher top cat
    schumacher pro cat
    and thats where it ended. Sold up for an XR2 fiesta, beer and girls 🙁
    Now i want some more for the kids of course

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Now i want some more for the kids of course

    Used to have a Hornet, that got absolutely thrashed, racing round the local rec with my mate and his Grasshopper. Cue long spell of no RC cars when I “grew up”. Now I’ve regressed, but have to admit to being lazy and gone RTR, got one of these:

    Awesome little car, drives on pretty much any surface, just like a real rallycrosser. 4WD and can do all sorts of moves – J turns, handbrake turns, donuts, etc. Very stable, good centre of gravity and jumps really well.

    Of course, I justified to the wife as being “for my son (when he’s old enough to appreciate it and in the meantime it’s my toy)”…

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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