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  • Talking of dream bikes, someone dreamt this up (eBay content)
  • desperatebicycle
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    Pass my shades, I’m going for a ride

    I‚Äôve got a yellow Flite in the garage that would go beautifully on that ūü§Ē

    Surely it’s actually worth more than they’re asking with some of those immaculate retro parts on there!

    I used to call mine rastabike, but it had a bit more yellow, orange and red on it then (nothing like that one though) ‚Äď I‚Äôve toned it down a bit now. This is the current look

    [url=]DSC00400[/url] by davetheblade, on Flickr

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    Old Kona hardtails are so nice. Wouldn‚Äôt mind a set of those Manitous for my retro Fisher Sugar too. Quality kit from yesteryear ūüĎćūüėä

    The bike is ‚Äô97, the forks are 2000 X-vert Supers (slightly long for the Kona @ 105mm, but it rides fine) ‚Äď the elastomers (they are spring and eleastomer) must be shot, couldn‚Äôt get a sevice kit over a decade ago. But they still work ‚Äď at least well enough for what I use the bike for. There‚Äôs a grease port on the back of the legs, which has undoubtedly helped

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    I’ve swapped elastomers for Leffe corks before.

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    Old Kona hardtails are so nice.

    Until they snap by the dropout, I‚Äôve done two and I only weigh 65kg ūüôĀ

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    3 x 8 speed drivetrain… with no front mech.

    He’s got another similar bike, possibly even more colourful with the yellow Sachs not-gripshifts.

    Also selling two Klein Mantras, there’s a bike I’ve not seen for a while.

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    Is Mr Tumble selling his bike?

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    I quite like it TBH, my 90s Kona was relatively boring there’s something to be said for having a splash of colour on a bike…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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