Talking Heads appreciation…

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  • Talking Heads appreciation…
  • …one of those bands you love to hate but secretly like !

    Excellent live though

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    ffs, always about this time of night the mundane nature of new topics just stops making sense.

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    I love Talking Heads.

    Stop making sense is one of the best live concert films ever made. A work of genius!

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    Love Talking Heads


    …one of those bands you love to hate but secretly like !

    I don’t know of anyone who loves to hate Talking Heads. There are some who are possibly indifferent, but hate them?
    Remarkable band, all very talented musicians, with one of the best rhythm sections in rock, and a superbly charismatic front man.
    Only ever saw them once, on their first tour promoting their first album ‘77. They played Swindon Oasis, with Dire Straits as support!
    Saw David Byrne several years ago at the London Roundhouse with St Vincent, which was just outstanding, one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen, and only Byrne could have pulled it off, I’m convinced of that; all of the musicians on stage were choreographed and moving around the stage, with no amplifiers or anything visible, even Byrne was moving with everyone else, except when he was singing.

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    Tina laying it down here

    Who loves to hate Talking Heads? Stuff like Remain in Light is praised to the skies by all and sundry. David Byrne is more polarising – the way the band broke up didn’t put him in a good light. But lead singer being egotistical arsehole is hardly news.

    ‘secretly like’

    Nope. First ever record I bought with pocket money was ‘Once In A Lifetime’ single.

    No secret. No hate (don’t get why ‘people’ ‘love to hate’ them, if they do?) . Still love that song, better than most. Also, didn’t Mr Byrne also write a book on cycling?

    And more. Cycling advocacy campaigner, cycle-rack designer,

    He’s, well he’s sort of supernaturally cool, to my mind.


    Remain in light is in my top 10. I really like “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” as well. I have no idea why anyone would pretend not to like them.
    I don’t know there was any problem with the way they broke up. The rest of the band wanted to make more music like the first couple of albums, Byrne didn’t: there’s no way the band could stay together.


    one of those bands you love to hate but secretly like !

    First time I’ve heard that,they’re a great band.
    I missed out on seeing that David Byrne show last year,would have loved to have seen that.

    I was being silly ! Though I’m sure some people don’t like them
    Fan since the 80s

    My dad had a new wave / punk compilation record I used to love when I was a kid (Ramones, Damned, Runaways, Television..) but hated these two crappy songs on it – Piss Factory and Love->Buildings on Fire.
    Absolutely love them now, sadly I lent the record to my first girlfriend and never got it back…


    I lose myself in this one, sadness, regret, fondness, joy…..a lifetime of emotion in one song. I lack the articulation to do it justice.

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    For something different to listen to I can heartily recommend “bicycle diaries by David byrne” on audiobook, fully produced (sound effects/site recordings) and read by the great man himself.


    I saw them on the Remain In Light tour playing Hammersmith Palais. Support was U2 – wonder what became of them?


    As above – no right minded person would hate them. Always been a rock and metal person myself but have huge respect for them and Once In A Lifetime is in my current playlist for commuting.



    Was the compilation called “That Summer” (or something similar)? I used to have that as well, and yes, I loaned it to a mate and never saw it again.

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    Brilliant band. Never got to see them live but I have to agree with:

    Saw David Byrne several years ago at the London Roundhouse with St Vincent, which was just outstanding, one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen

    Saw them at Birmingham Symphony Hall on that tour. Simply amazing.


    I don’t hate them ..I just don’t like them ..


    They played Manchester university union in the late 70s, very good too.’Regiment’ is sublime.


    One of the Greatest bands ever in my view. Brilliant musicians all with great songs. I always found them to be an intelligent thought provoking band. Pretty much everything Byrne has done over the years has been very interesting. Heard him on Desert Island Disc and he came across pretty decent guy.

    I Also think that Tom Tom Club were brilliant but then Tina Weymouth had a little place in my heart back so long ago I nearly can’t remember.

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    I know this is not classic era TH, and I really like that stuff, but it is one of my favourite songs

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    When I was 9 my folks took me to Edinburgh for a festival… Undertones,Squeeze,Steel Pulse & Talking Heads. T.H. blew my tiny head off.
    Headliner Van Morrison&and the chieftains ,not so much. 🙂


    @vongassit whoop new Battles on the way 😀

    I’ve never listened to much talking heads past the well known stuff but just put on an “Essentials” playlist on the way to work, I was quite enjoying myself and turns out I knew more than I thought

    There are so many different ‘peak Byrnes’ it’s impossible to choose. But:


    Watch out…I’ll show you how to do it…and y’all can do it later…

    ‘Making Flippy Floppy’ (in session, 1998)

    ‘Peak’ Talking Heads?

    ‘Crosseyed And Painless’ – Rome, 1980.

    That slow roll-in, then the monster bass and non-more cowbell and then Randall’s riff its all amazing and unbelievably ahead of its time. I only wish there was a better audio copy, but its killer even in lofi 👍🏼

    ^ *Adrian Belew’s riff 🙄

    Incredible band.

    Not Talking Heads exactly but

    My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Specifically the track Mea Culpa and the bass on Regiment.




    Was the compilation called “That Summer” (or something similar)? I used to have that as well, and yes, I loaned it to a mate and never saw it again

    Well. After much googling, I found it. Cover looked familiar so flipped through my vinyl and there it is – appears I bought it years later (has a MVE London price sticker on it with an 0171 phone no., so it’s not my dad’s). It’s this:


    never hidden it..a big fan..used to boulder Yorkshire grit and traverses at the climbing wall with Talking Heads on repeat on my Sony Walkman..still blast it out now…”this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no party” Life during wartime is one of my favourites…the synth solo dates but stay tuned to the end “anybody got any questions?”

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    The keystone of any record collection.

    Anyone hear Thom Yorke try and sneak the whole of Remain In Light onto his desert island this week? Wise man.



    That’s the one I was thinking of – I wonder where I got my made-up title from?
    What the hell are the Boomtown Rats doing on there?

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    Love take me to the river and thank you for sending me an angel, found a job and the big country off “more songs about…”

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    Great bass on most of their stuff.

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    Glad to see lots of love for My life in the bush of ghosts..👍👍
    My favourite band .
    There’s also a great documentary on YouTube that CH4 did years ago.

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