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  • Talk to me about trampolines
  • Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Trampolines make people happy.

    Get one.

    Then you’ll be happy too.

    Premier Icon toemul
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    Yep the biggest n best you can get.

    Premier Icon chrisyork
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    Missus hates them, she’s a radiographer and it’s all she sees in summer is nasty breaks from when it goes wrong…

    If you can control the kids then could be fun but be prepared for injuries!!

    Premier Icon vazaha
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    Without doubt the best value for money product we ever bought.

    Kid B bounced and bounced and bounced and… well you get the picture. Get the enclosure set up to begin with, but then remove it because it’s now torn to f.

    By then you won’t need it – you will need to replace the pad around the rim at least three times over its lifetime, and you *might* need more springs (if you do I’ve got a box full of them that I’ll happily post to you).

    Then they hit an age – somewhere between 14 and 15 – when they will just abruptly stop using it for no apparent reason, and it will be for ever.

    It will remind you of when they suddenly stopped being interested in Dinosaurs, and it will make you feel a little sad.

    It will have been very much worth it though.

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    A friend of mine did academic research into this as mentioned above. He definitely warned against adults being on at the same time as kids (adult comes up as kid comes down creates equivalent force as kid dropping from big height onto concrete)

    That said, we have the trampoline that my wife had as a teenager ~3m x 2m i guess. Pads over the springs. No net. Kids go nuts on it. His kids go nuts on it with my kids.

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    @scotroutes – now imagine trampolining wearing a poncho and playing maracas.

    Premier Icon thinksta
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    We moved into our current house which had a knackered 12 foot round trampoline down the garden 6 years ago. The mat was full of small holes and it had a tattered net and rusty springs. The 3 kids (now 4,6 and 8) loved it despite minimal bounciness, so we decided to buy a new one as a Christmas present this year.

    We bought a Telstar Elite 12 foot square trampoline, which fits in the same footprint as the old round one, but with slightly more space due to the corners. It bounces much better, and is a lovely solid bit of kit.

    The kids love it and spend a lot of time playing on it every dry day. We do bounce with the kids at times, although I feel very conscious of risks doing so. More often find myself wishing they’d bugger off so I could get some decent bouncing time for myself!

    Premier Icon Kahurangi
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    I was just starting to get our garden sorted out. Clearing the endless rockeries, thorny bushes and shite from the previous owners. Getting some nice space for running around, playing games, kicking balls etc. Then first lockdown is about to hit and SWMBO insists that we get a trampoline to annihilate the space we’ve created, so got a 10×12 ft oval. No incidents yet, Little miss (3) mostly wants to play duck duck goose running around it or for me to throw her up in the air as high as I can. What could go wrong?

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    We do bounce with the kids at times, although I feel very conscious of risks doing so

    Please don’t. The rebound force on a young one from a heavy adult at the wrong phase shattered two small legs. You can imagine how my friend felt. “And how did your daughter break her legs?”

    I enjoyed bouncing alone on ours. Not getting over excited and doing summersaults though. That way leads to A&E and requires training. And a bigger trampoline!

    Premier Icon swoosh
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    Will look at decathlon ones. Thanks.

    The Zero Gravity ones get great reviews on Amazon but their own website is cheaper and has loads of spares for when things wear out. Has anyone got a Zero Gravity one? Thoughts?

    Premier Icon finbar
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    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    We had one for a few years. All the neighbouring kids would come round to use it and we found we were having to supply copious amounts of squash during the summer 😊

    We didn’t have a net and broke all the safety guidelines. One of the girls did break her arm, but that was when intentionally jumping off it to ground level – in a “frog” pose 🤔

    Latterly, it just became somewhere the kids would hang out rather than jump around on.

    Premier Icon TooTall
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    Here in the US you have to tell your home insurance company if you get one. They will then hike up your home insurance because of every accident mentioned earlier in this thread.

    Premier Icon bedmaker
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    Wow, I feel like I have dodged several bullets over the past decade 😳
    13 footer here, bought sh for £50 ten years ago. Springs on the inside of the net.
    It was the biggest one on a busy street with 20 young kids, so a bit of a magnetic draw.

    It’s regularly seen multiple person action, somewhere between 4-10 kids depending on size.
    Amateur flips and acrobatic attempts? Yes.
    Drunken adults? That’s a yes.
    17 stone adult bouncing multiple small kids? Yes.
    Use during torrential thunderstorms, hail, snow, ice? Yes.
    Garden sprinkler underneath? Yes.

    We’ve never had worse than regular burst lips and minor bruising.
    In that time, it’s had two replacements of everything bar the actual frame.
    I’ll be quite sad to see it go this spring, a bit of an end of an era as my girls grow up.

    Get one, the bigger the better, and enjoy!
    Despite my gung ho approach to safety, I cringe at the ones without a net, that just seems like madness to me.

    Premier Icon frogstomp
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    Get in before the bounce!

    Premier Icon sc-xc
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    Does anyone else, when they hear the word ‘trampoline’, immediately sing ‘from the heavens to the bottom of the sea’ in their head?


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