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  • Depends on whether you have feet that instantly fit one shell/footbed combo and what level of skiing you want to do.

    When I’m doing family type pootling I could be in almost any ski boot, and often get to the end of the day without ever really clipping them up.

    But, if I’m in powder or doing bumps/steeps, I need them clipped up, and am aware of the imperfections in my fit, and the way the liners have packed down. Mine current ones have done about 120 days now so time for a change soon. I live on the south coast, but I’ll be going to Colin in Bicester, or Lockwoods in Leamington Spa, on a weekday, next time. Last ones done by a very good fitter in Jackson Hole.


    Lets face it .. I could probably buy blind and get better than the hire boots.

    Up the lecht i always go to goodbrand and ross – i work with the ross half and always get nice hire boots from him and no blisters just a bit of pain on that nobby bit at the end of the day. But ive graduated off the lechts ice and small slopes to glenshee and the tiger 😉

    Ill head to town and see yer man at craigdon as thatll be easiest i think.

    Spot on. Let me know how you get on. They’re good lads in there and not averse to having to dine tune or tweak until you’re happy 😮

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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